[SOLVED] Notification and Quest Bug - Mythic Titans - 28/12/20 MASTER

Not only was there a glitch, it prevented me from opening up the map quests, and I couldn’t finish my last level on Trails… Wtf…

Anyone know how to delete this many inbox messages?

Do we delete them one by one? Or will the app sort it out?

I would just wait until the problem is fixed … maybe they can delete all those messages as well.

I switched to my alt account and switched back and they were gone. I guess either you log out or restart

I believe you are the winner :trophy:!! You received more messages than everyone else…:joy::joy:

The issue has been solved and the excessive messages have been removed.


I have no messages in my mail box

May we know where we can see the mythic titan? The Quest page does not have the “Mythic Titan Approaching” icon. TYVM

All the messages were removed and a couple of minutes ago I got one. Guess what it says?
BTW, do you think they will send everyone an epic token for each additional email that they got? I could use about 360 of them.


I guess I’m lucky because I didn’t get so many messages.

Thanks to solved the problem !!!
cool but need to remove message - 1 by 1.
boring to remove 237 messages without option select all

My alliance member got 980

What happened with the Mythic titan countdown? a few hours ago if you enter the “quests” button there was a sign showing the countdown for the mythic titan to appear at the left side of the screen… now that sign is gonne

Mine is still there :woman_shrugging:

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Yes they fixed it. Thanks

I’m not used to the forum… One of my team members is unable to attack the mythic titan. Teams are set, but app won’t let her advance to actually attacking the titan. Is this a bug? We’ve reloaded the game to no avail. Any advice out there?

Have a look in Bugs and Issues

I think it is probably related to her not having a team set in team slot number one, there is a bug related to not having anything set in your normal team number one, that for some reason is preventing people proceeding to attack the Titan

So if she sets any team as team one, then sets her Titan attack team separately in the Mythic Titan interface, I think that should work

I have several people in my alliance who r not able to hit mythic titan it gives them an error message saying they have no heroes available

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