[Solved - not bugs] Level Up - only 2 new hero spaces?

I levelled up last night. I had previously had a cap of 85 heroes. Now I have a cap of 87???

Every other time I’ve gotten more cap room was by 5s. What’s going on?

On higher levels are only +2 Hero capacity. You can buy 5 or 6 time +5 for 50 gems. Do it. It worth it.


If you are high level, the level up only g8ves you two slots. It’s not a bug, it is designed this way.

Don’t ask why, someone figured that high level players should progress slower compared to low level players and didn’t think that rising xp requirements already provides that so yeah.

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Check this thread out.
Nice overview of XP needed and also hero capacity and WE mentioned.


Devs switched to smaller increases more often since 5 at a time was too infrequent


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