[SOLVED] No time bonus at Challenge Event (March)

There seems to be a problem with the time bonus at the event. It always shows 0, also when I was quite fast.

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Same for me
@Petri @Sara

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@mhalttu Yes, no time bonus… even under a minute

… it’s all becoming a bit of a joke now, isn’t it?

It s the same for me. I was wondering if it was a bug, seems like that if i’m not the only one

Ok, not only me then.

Sorry to say it, but you can use beta tester if you want…

Yup… 0. Thought I was fast :D.

Hi, we are aware of the problem and currently investigating. We hope to solve this soon!


Is it only me getting 20k less then the other times on the first stage of beginning?

No time bonus for less then 1 min? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Wait, who already finished get double completation reward?

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Just a quick status update: this issue will be fixed in roughly 30 minutes (estimate).


Yes, I passed all the middle quest. spent a few jars and now what?

Awwww. so i have been wasting my flags :disappointed_relieved:
Plus some crafts

Still the same problem.

Whoa, fast turn around.

I just finished the advanced stages does that mean I have to do them all over again to get the time bonus or will you guys just add a blanket amount for all levels done?

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Free panthers for everyone for the inconvenience…:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Anyone tested to see if it’s fixed yet??

Still down as of a few minutes ago

I agree :))
After so much gems spent for nothing maybe this will be a great idea… i have used 32 flags for reach level 9 in principiant… for nothing?.. we have to start again?