[SOLVED] No New W3K Hero Released

It wouldn’t be fair to the early birds who jumped straight in the minute the portal opened.

LMAO. Doubt that is a factor.

30 pulls, got Lu Bu and a couple of the 4 stars

Within first 5 minutes

Cao cao is now in the portal. What about the ones who pull in the first two hours?

I was expecting some coins as an apology - I did 40 pulls but now they change who is available. I would have waited if I had known obviously

And where is the other one? No more pulls until we know what’s happening would be the sensible approach

We have now added the missing new Hero Cao Cao to the War of Three Kingdoms summon. Thank you for the report and my apologies for any inconvenience caused by this issue!

Sun Quan will be available in the next War of Three Kingdoms Event.


Thank you Petri !

It’s up to those early birds to demand for compensation.

I didn’t try. I don’t have any right to demand anything.

Please restart the game to see the updated Summon gate.


I was one of these early birds and did a total of 26 summons right after the portal popped up. So I didn’t stand a chance for Cao Cao. Any solution for people like me?

Did you get any other event 5*?
If not, best solution is to buy some more offers in coming days

I suggest that you take SS of your activity trail. Send in a complaint ticket. Together with details on coins and gems used. If you bought offers, send in SS as well.

Whether you received an event hero or not or even any S1 5*, the portal was flawed to start with.

Other games, with flawed portals, compensate their customers almost immediately. Once they discover or confirm their mistake.


Thank you. I‘ll try.

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i did my 10 pull early when the event was up and then i see new hero update after a few hours… that’s not fair so i’ll send a ticket for sure

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Good on you.

Another game fully refunded gems to my GF for a botched portal. She got to try again.

As for me, I received gem compensation for a botched portal. That compensation was to everyone. On top of that, an announcement was released in-game requesting directly affected players to write in for further (specific) compensation.

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I‘m afraid it‘s not the „SG way“ of handling customer problems. But if there‘s a positive solution, I‘ll let you know. :slight_smile:

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yeah let us know if u have some kind of feedback from them

I did 16 pulls before the hero was added, will we be compensated?

Video proof, thanks

I did the same as you and ripped a couple of 10 pulls plus coin pulls as soon as it opened. Please let me know if your ticket yields a positive result. As others have said, another game that’s similar that I play would compensated us.

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Thank you so much for the quick fix!