[SOLVED] No new PoV Avatars

It is still not solved for the ones which purchased pov before fix. At least it is not solved for me :frowning:

All I can say is be a bit patient if you have sent a support ticket they will get round to it. I’m pretty sure they will sort the avatars out for you :+1:


Is there anyone get ava khiona on early bought? Thanks.

I have my ticket answered. I should forcibly close the app and everything should be ok. And it’s NOT. No new avatars and gregorion one still crashes the game. Well I will leave it as it is.:pensive:
dont want those avatars at least repair the gregorion one…

Same here, no khiona avatar despite message from SG

I have the same issue. I tried forcing close down but it doesn’t help

I did not even get a reply yet. Will wait a little more… but I did try several times to close and new avatar is not appearing

Got same answer, forcibly shut down and restarted, don’t have Khiona. Maybe they only fixed “Elite” and not the normal Valor Pass? And could only continue the thread by giving Customer Support one star and putting a comment there, since my issue had been closed.

EDIT: Now received Khiona in Inbox.

Hi guys. Good news. I just got my kihona missing avatar in my inbox

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We have donated missing Avatars to the affected players. Thank you for your patience!


Thank you for your help @Petri

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Yes you have but when i try use it i get (same with gregorion):

Mod - edit pic as personal info.

That is a different issue that’s known and supposedly being worked on.

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Ok thanks for info. Ticket was sent. Waiting patiently.

When will you add the ability to get an avatar with Devana?)

News about avatar bug

As I said… That’s a different issue and has nothing to do with this thread.

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