[SOLVED] No new PoV Avatars

Not sure why but the PoV paid avatars are the same for this PoV (Drake & Gregorion) as for the last one we had.

Based on Puzzle Combat, it should be 2x new ones… Think somebody forgot to change the code over…?


That was my exact reaction… But I thought maybe this is a feature, not a bug :roll_eyes:

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Not paid avatar are the same (Gregorian). It will make sense only with free avatar of Drake Fong at this time



This issue was first raised here:

It’s been fixed now. It now shows Khiona and Aegir

It’s nice that it’s fixed but I’ve activated the valor before, so ■■■■ them! No new avatar … Incompetent

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I suspect in this instance you should contact support team :slight_smile:

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POV started today and the Avatars are AGAIN : Gregorian & Drake Fong… !! Seriously SG… is this a joke?!

Whoever bought the last month’s POV pass already has these avatars !!

If it is a MISTAKE, please rectify it…
Else, this repeat of the same avatar is highly disappointing
feel cheated as a player, being forced to BUY the same thing, which I have already bought, few weeks back, in the previous month.


FYI : @Petri

I’m seeing Khionna and Aegir

Edit: [SOLVED] No new PoV Avatars
You weren’t the only one to see this. Makes more sense now.

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Thank you for the report and my apologies for the issue. This should be fixed now, and the avatars updated. New avatars are Khiona and Aegir.


All those who pay for the pass with both avatars before the problem is solved. Will they receive avatars or not??


Send in a ticket if you didn’t get yours

Not sure the issue - if folks made the purchase based on what they could clearly see were the old avatars, it would seem they got what they wanted.

Téléchargement : C3F61ECE-DBF4-4B5D-956F-1CDA0C0909C9.png… Téléchargement : D869A501-305B-4250-8C4A-774C4A464D64.png… I don’t have new’s avatar. Aegir and Khiona

Dear all. I have the same issue. I got again gregorion avatar after pov purchase and did not receive back the new avatar from Today.

Will the players who bought the offer before the matter was solved get the new avatar? @Petri @KiraSG

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Unfortunately i purchased pov when the old avatars were still showing and i got gregorion. Sadly I did not get kihona after resolve, so it is not fixed for me :frowning: @Petri

Same here plus if i select gregorion avatar i’ve had several crashes… so why this problem is marked as SOLVED?

I’d contact support @EPHeidi @Raziel86

Give as much information as possible like the time you bought the pov would be helpful.
Bear in mind there probably alot off people with the same issue, so it might take a bit of time to get to each issue.