[SOLVED] Ninja Troop in Live Game...?

I am sure it will be for sure! The ninja troop portal has not yet appeared, and has not brought a single dollar to SG yet. But the update for the ninja event HAS gone live, and an HA9 turns troops into other troops. I am sure that no one thought to code HA9 not to give out ninja troops yet. Or, it could be that it is working as expected, and you should be able to. (Doubtful, but possible)


Мне вот тоже выпал.

He got ninja troop from HA9 in live game.He shared retrain screenshot as well. It’s mostly a bug.

Он выходит из академии без картинки.

Well, boards experienced a “beta account crossover” for a long long time, so it’s no crazy at all if we suspect that.

Off-topic response to off topic & Misleading comment

Preface: I am accutely aware of the historical “crossover” you are inferring in your post.

1 – It kinda is “crazy” given how the Beta stuff is all set-up.
In the simplest explanation, Beta is all conducted on it’s own unique server… A Testers account on the beta server is (essentially) a clone of the Live account, copied/cloned at a static point in time… There is no ongoing reference or link back/forth between servers…
This cloned information is copied onto the separate independent server which houses the content being tested in beta at the time. This content is usually (in simple explanation) the next “update” to the game, with the new content downloaded & enabled.
Again, there is no “link back” to the live server at any time. The only interraction between the two is the “import” which, as above, copies the data in ONE direction only. All gameplay & testing & the like is conducted on a separate server…
Given there is only this one interraction between the two servers, in order for it to go the other way (i.e. copy info from beta -> live) one of two things would need to happen. Either a) a new command is introduced (which would need to have been specifically coded to conduct that action including all the networking addresses etc…) or b) the existing interraction would have to bug-out and go in reverse… in which case, staff would have noted it in their own imports & testing.

2 – boards never had a “cross-over”, at least not in the sense you are inferring. You can read more about it if you look up “Seed RNG” or PRNG.
Anyways, the TLDR of that was that:
a) said issue which was rectified within 10 minutes of Staff actually being at work after being reported and
b) has never been seen since
c) staff stated they would investigate and deal with any individuals who had exploited the issue

3 – “long long time” is in fact false… or at least unsubstantiated so I would advise caution with what is insinuated… There is (to this date) no evidence as to how long the issue was in effect…

4 – this is wildly off-topic from this thread & I am only replying to correct the Misleading information presented.

Ultimately you are welcome to believe what you like. That’s the beauty of the interwebs.

I’m sorry to crush the conspiracy so brutally but in this case, reality does not line up with the conspiracy.


We are aware of this situation and are actively investigating. I will update this thread as soon as I know more - Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. I personally apologize for all the confusion this has caused.


Thank you for reporting this issue to us.

Ninja Troops were never intended to be trained from the Hero Academy. Unfortunately due to a bug in our system, a very small number of players have been able to receive them from the Hero Academy Level 9.

We are working on implementing a fix that will prevent this from happening as soon as possible.

Ninja Troops can be exclusively summoned from the upcoming Ninja Troop Summon. The first Ninja Tower event starts on Wednesday, the 14th of October. You can read more about this here: [NEW EVENT] Prepare to face Ninja Tower! 🏯.

Our sincere apologies for the issue and for the confusion this has caused!


I got one this morning and leveled it up a little, will I be able to keep it ?

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yay ninja troops are now harder to get for everyone in the game because people were so eager to report rather than just ignore other players being lucky


Yes, you are able to keep that Troop.


You’re seriously suggesting we shouldn’t report bugs?! :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming:


When the result of the bug is a benefit to the players yes.

Bueno pues pienso que se debería de mantener como está y que la academia de esas tropas ninjas. De otro modo el nivel 9 de HA quedaría obsoleto, puesto que la gente buscaría solo las tropas ninjas ignorando sacar otras tropas. En caso de arreglar el error los jugadores necesitamos una explicación y una recompensa, puesto que hay jugadores que han obtenido estas tropas de forma gratuita cuando ya no se va a poder volver a hacer. Un buen montón de gemas no estaría nada mal, y así podríamos probar suerte en el nuevo portal. Que se intente arreglar en todo lo posible cuanto antes, pero se estan empezando a cometer fallo tras fallo.

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Removed as being false & misleading per the #forum-rules.

They are not “beta troops”. Beta does not work that way. There is a bug in Hero Academy which will be fixed ASAP.


I sincerely feel offended that there I deleted that comment of mine saying that: Removed as false and misleading according to the # rules of the forum.

You can search at this moment in the game and there people who have ninja troops in their defense equipment and this at the time of publishing the previous comment. that is, before the portal was available to summon ninja troops. I mean, beta people are taking advantage of the error for their benefit, I understand that they are trying to solve the problem but honestly they could send a message to the players and call them to attention about this if they see an error because they do not report it because they take advantage of this to get an advantage over other players and it is not just one person several people were found using ninja troops without having the portal available !!

I understand that there are errors and I understand that they are not all beta and I also understand that time is needed to solve them.
Now it does not take time to call the attention of one or more people who are using a ruling for their personal benefit and obtain an advantage of the rest and here is the point of the question because if it was shown and verified and after several hours they kept abusing the ruling !!! Because no repercussions were taken on this so that it does not happen again sincerely it is very ugly that they allow this to happen and that it is not seen that measures were taken in this regard.
this leaves a bad taste in the mouth and sadden a concerned gamer

strong textAnd I clarify before the ninja portal is available it is assumed that the ninja troops are beta since the rest of the players cannot access them. So if they are using them they are using troops that are beta

Topic Closed as devs are fixing the issue. See staff responses in thread for more information.

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