[SOLVED] Ninja Troop in Live Game...?

From live game leaderboard.

Ninja Troop equipped…?


I don’t believe this has anything to do with beta. Rumor has it that this player received the ninja troop in game from the hero academy. Not sure if it was an error on the release part because they have not been turned on in the summons part anyway.

Heroes and troops received in beta would never transfer to real game. It only works the other way. You download your current heroes to beta


This picture is from the live game.

And this troop is a ninja troop.

I guess it came out of the hero academy, I guess.

Anyway, it is a bug because those troops are not available yet.

I have the image of the troop that you have placed where it shows? and it is one of the new ones, there are many coincidences

The image is from the live game I repeat and the capture is made by me looking for the alliance and the person and anyone who knows what I speak can go to the game now enter search and see your account and you will see the image as I show it in the capture

It is in the real game. I know because I revenged him. It did not come from beta. From the sounds of it, the hero academy is giving these troops out


And here there is a problem and very serious because the beta info is being passed to the normal account and it is assumed that this should not happen because it is a re-abuse it would be good that someone from empires not people who regulate the chat if not people of empires of an explanation of this


Let me explain him in spanish guys

No rata, no se puede pasar heroes ni tropas o recursos de la cuenta beta a la oficial, simplemente hay un fallo por el cual puedes obtener las nuevas tropas en la academia de heroes. La forma en que funciona la beta es al contrario, los personajes que tienes en el juego los pasas a la beta, no al contrario


if I understood that the data of the normal account goes to the beta
and not the other way around but in this case as shown in the image

the data of the new troop is being transferred to the normal account and I think it is an error and a problem record

Obviously the person in the normal account cannot use the beta troop because it is not in the normal game and that is why it is shown like this

but this is showing that the info in part of the beta is being turned over to the normal account

si entendi eso que los datos de la cuenta normal pasan al beta
y no al revez pero en este caso como se muestra en la imagen

los datos de la tropa nueva se estan volcando a la cuenta normal y creo que es un error y un problema grabe

obvio que la persona en la cuenta normal no puede usar la tropa beta por que no esta puesta en el juego normal y por eso se muestra asi

pero esto esta demostrando que se esta volcando la info en parte del beta a la cuenta normal

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I understand that the game passes the info of the normal account to beta
and it does not pass the beta info to the normal account or at least this is supposed to be so

now the image shows something else may be an error or what you say

The image is showing that info is being passed from the beta to the normal account and this is something serious for me

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This is obvious beta is a different app.

No info, materials, troops or heroes can be transfer to the game app.

As @xger have said the beta app take the info from the game.

Anyway, @Petri @J.o @KiraSG take a look into the 1st post.

It seems ninja troops are so powerful thet they have appeared before its expected.


yeah its a bug, you shouldnt be able to get the new troops in HA, we all might agree on that

@ratabboypda si rata, hiciste bien en reportar el error… a ver si lo solucionan


@petri @Staff_SGG is it possible to get the ninja troops already from HA9? Others have reported (see above) that ninja troops are already in live game even before ninja event started for the first time

Also to clarify if you update your app it does not show the ?. It actually shows the troop. Since this is in the real game I don’t see an issue with posting it :wink: I do believe it should be moved to bugs as the HA shouldn’t be making them yet since they aren’t released



Por lo que entiendo se trata de un fallo en la programacion de la ultima actualizacion y no de una avivada de ese usuario. O sea que cualquiera de nosotros seamos Beta o no pueden recibir por error esa tropa de la academia de heroes.

As far i understand its a programming error from the last update and it hasnt to do with that particular player taking advantage from beta(its not possible in fact).
Everyone running HA could get that troop


I clarify so that confusion is not generated.
I do not think or say that it is something malicious on the part of the player I think that there is an error in the game programming

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Maybe a stupid question, but which of the four troops should be the Ninja troop?

Edit : Got it, no further answer needed. :lol:

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delete the image because beta material cannot be shown so you don’t have problems

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the one with a question mark the box that does not show the troop

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Again it is not from beta it is in the real game lol

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