[SOLVED] Ninja Tower - Board freezes will not allow any movement even when its on autoplay (Fixed in V32.1)

Ninja Tower - Board freezes will not allow any movement even when its on autoplay.


I am having the same issue, level 22, seems it may have something to do with atamos and Shadereave but I can’t be sure. Happened to me twice back to back. Lost plenty of items… hesitant to keep playing

I had shadreave too when it froze

Game froze while on the final level of 23 of the tower.

Don’t know about anyone else but my game keeps freezing on level 8 of the tower. All I am able to do is flee… It won’t even autoplay. Please help! Thanks

Some of this is fixed in version 32.1 Perhaps check and see if you have an app update available?

This happened to me too, just as I was about to beat level 23. What’s most frustrating is that the curses I picked up still apply.

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Idem pour moi, le tableau se fige juste avant la fin du jeu.

I had the same issue, reported in-game, sent screenshots etc as well as explained what happened and was asked to repeat my email, I just got frustrated by that response.

Thank you for reporting, we believe this issue will be fixed in V32.1 which is scheduled to be fully rolled-out today. Please, as always, make sure you are playing the newest version possible. Thank you again and apologies for the issue.

Same. Crappy thing was I was going to beat it and now I lost a hero to the curse and have to replay it.

I am on level 26 of the Ninja tower. The game froze and I had to force stop on the app. When I went back in I lost a hero to curse and the level was not completed.
I use a Samsung D20 ultra and I am on operating system: 10.
Username: UWishSkank

Wright now same case. Game froze on 26. level i lose one energy and i received one curse. Pls back energy and ancurse hero!

@UWish and @Vesko You guys need to contact support using the in-game menu. If you are not sure how to do that, just click this hashtag and follow the instructions #contact-support


I thinking about stopping play this game. Every day problems and crush game. From this game just nervous and frustrating

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