[SOLVED] Ninja summons event featured heroes bug (01/11/2023)

Friends, 2023 is already the year! 2023!!! :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:


Did they actually change the odds or update the marketing banner. I did a 10-pull about an hour ago and got the new red ninja, who is now featured. So maybe she was already programmed to have the featured odds? I definitely am not that lucky…

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Think it was similar bug to the AR portal. “Visual” bug => banner incorrect. But the featured heroes and odds were coded correctly.

If I understood Zynga’s official explanation. For AR and this NT portal.

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I did 3x10 pulls and got a Jade duplicate… Soo upset! How do you intend to fix this!!! Do you really care?!!


This is ridiculous. I did a bunch of pulls before the change.


Really? Again? Puh, the learning curve is probably expandable at SGG

Better players to hold off portals upon immediate entry into live game. Check what should be first. Then wait for Zynga to fix the errors, if any.

It is our money after all. Not like Zynga will compensate the early birds, who tried their luck before portal banner was updated.

None that I heard off for AR.
Let’s see what happens for the NT portal.

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Not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, I did roughly 60 summons and pulled 3 Garnets, 2 Jades, Cobalt (dupe) and a hotm (dupe). On the other hand, I was spending my money for a chance at any of the new ninja’s and the odds went from .3 to 1% for two of them after the mistake was fixed. Hard to complain about getting 7 legendary heroes with 60 pulls but would have preferred the better odds at my intended target heroes. Wrote in already and will respond back with an update if I get anything more valuable than a sorry about our mistake and have a nice day.


same here got Jade :(((( so upset. now they changed the heroes even more upset

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I got Jade and now you changed heroes. Why change now ???
Or leave the featured heroes as they were, so all players are equal.
Or give us a featured hero and get Jade back.
Damn so unfair for the ones who pulled before the change.
I got more upset that they changed the feat. heroes, than pulling Jade.
we really feel like stupid atm.

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After the issue with Atlantis portal and seeing the Elioty’s predictions for this one I have asked Staff to check whether everything is ok or not in this portal’s Featured heroes yesterday, but it seems they didn’t have time to read and review this message in mod chat :frowning:


In simple words, return the gems and token used prior to the change.
Community please react, thanks this couldn’t occur again after that musketeers event fiasco!


I did summon a featured hero at the beggining, Jade.
I don’t wont my money or coins back,
I want to get a hero that is now featured as every player will get if pull now a featured hero.
I did get my 1%. so change my hero.
Or change the featured heroes as they were before so all players are equal.


What do you suggest by “react”?

Start a movement? Protest ?

Your initiative will be buried here in this thread. Best to start a fresh thread if that’s your intention.

Your chances aren´t good, but I think the best chances you have of anything changing would be to write a message to support.
I don´t think you´ll get anything back, if (and I don´t know if that is true) the odds and featured heroes were actually the ones displayed. The only chance I see would be if the actual odds/heroes were different from the ones displayed. So say if the odds in the game were done as intended, but the display was faulty. Of course in that case you did summon at the odds you wanted in the first place.

Also they will most certainly not give you a free featured new hero. The best deal possible would be for them to remove all the heroes you got and give you the gems/coins back, but since presumably you already fed away all the junk/feeder heroes that might be too bothersome for SG to do.

Anyway good luck!

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Based on the official statement, the portal did work as intended. I take that the featured heroes and odds were coded correctly. Only portal banner was bugged.

Topaz is old hero :cry:anyway I am not going to spend my money on this

It’s actually a cheek what they’re doing here. You @PlayForFun will be appointed as a volunteer moderator, you are like a buffer for everything that goes wrong. But even you will be left out in the rain here.
It’s really ridiculous what’s going wrong here. I don’t even want to know what else is screwed up here, but it’s not so obvious. Do it right or don’t, what do you think about it @Petri

Again a big IF, but IF that is true, that might land SG in some trouble, because they are required (gambling laws if I am not mistaken) to display the odds. They displayed incorrect odds for the featured heroes, the old ones were overestimated, while the new ones were underestimated.

Usually I laugh at anyone trying to sue SG, but in this case they got the facts wrong… If they say the chances to pull Garnet and Jade are 1% while really they are 0.3% they could be sued for fraud, no matter that the mistake is actually increasing the chances for better heroes…

When i saw they had changed the featured heroes, I knew this would be an entertaining day on the forum :smiley:


I can see an stradegy of merchandise here, thats all i have to say :slightly_frowning_face: