[SOLVED] Ninja summons event featured heroes bug (01/11/2023)

Is it the same there? Was only the banner faulty, but people actually got Frosth and Silvaria instead of Zagrog and Malicna? I didn´t even bother reading up on it as I was interested in none of them and had decided not to pull at all.
The public outcry is of course much smaller since not many people care about that portal. But if there is 1 person out there who actually wanted to pull a Zagrog or a Malicna, they would have even better chances of getting a refund. Because SG promised a chance to pull Zagrog and Malicna while in reality the chance to get those heroes was exactly 0%.

I had one additional thought: SG might have a clause in the small print somewhere saying that they can´t be held responsible for any errors they make, in which case of course all chances of suing are back to laughable, since you would have to prove evil intent, when they just blame it on some idiot intern.


Well if the above statement is true, then you did get the same odds as everybody else pulling now, you just didn´t know you did. You looked at the wrong picture pulling the same heroes. It´s just bad luck you ended up with Jade. Again that is what above statement about the bug says. I don´t know what is true.

but as @BlackZed said, send a message to support with the above screenshots attached, see what they say, that is your best chance in case they feel like doing something about it.


I used all my gems before they changed the featured ninjas. pulled onyx, which I already had and lbed. of course was going for amthyest. I sent a chat through support. will they do anything about this?


For convenience I try and quote the relevant parts of that statement

That can mean 2 different things:

  1. They displayed wrong heroes as featured, while actually featuring the correct heroes
  2. They actually featured the wrong heroes

Again very ambiguous: which one is true?

  1. All pulls were unaffected by the visual banner glitch and everybody received the new heroes in quantities as intended?
  2. Don´t worry we are not going to take away what you got (which does explicitly NOT say that you got the correct thing)

The use of the wording “will NOT be affected” points to option 2. For option 1 they would have had to say “has NOT been affected”

So either they suck at writing or they never said that everything is as intended.




Yes. Player Posted that he snagged Silvaria. Then he updated to V54. Visual changed to Zagrog and Malicna. He was confused and went to check Forum.

As for the small print, I don’t recall that before but I am sure that Zynga Legal can have it inserted lickety spit and then point it out to those who sent in tix to CS.

Edit: @Gargon
Someone did receive Malicna from AR portal.

click here for the post

Best to wait patiently for an answer. We are all players here. We don’t make decisions for Zynga

What an outdated portal can we talk about, if earlier the ninja portal was without recommended heroes at all.

Their English announcements are not always spot on.

I still recall that (now) ancient incident regarding a Rare Quest that was skipped in 2020 (yes I think it was in 2020).

SGG had to force that omitted rare quest. The way the announcement was worded, it sounded like we would that as an extra plus the usual.

What they meant was: that forced Rare quest was it. No extra. Cos rare quest was every 7-10 days. Not guaranteed weekly.

That miscommunication caused a lot of angst.

Let’s see if Zynga will respond further on the Ninja portal boo boo.

Their Musketeer Disaster Response & Relief Initiative currently holds the number one spot for response speed and generosity.

Edit: Zynga’s announcement for AR is worded differently. It was “have not” for AR.

I think that there may be a cause for fraud. At least for that player who pulled Malicna from AR portal.


Wierd… I saw a few videos on youtube with pulls and there was a player who summoned Malicna, not Silvaria or Frosth, so I’m certain that it wasn’t just a visual bug.

Edit: I see your additional comment on that now.

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That’s their statement, I really doubt that. Just the fact having 4 than 3 featured heroes changes the odds.
And to answer your reply I don’t ask here anything from sgg. If someone feels being robbed better open a ticket with sgg.
The thing is that’s too many mistakes from Sgg since mid december

Of all the things you do for us @PlayForFun, I think your transparency is what I appreciate the most. You are a workhorse!


I highly doubt it considering people pulled some of the unintended HOTMs that were NOT supposed to be there in the Atlantis portal earlier this week. It wasn’t JUST a graphical issue. Should be the same here.


A lot of strange things going on, of course one can never 100% trust anyone, neither players claiming 1 thing, nor SG claiming another.

On top of that it is just as likely an error of incompetence (cheap is good for a company that wants to max profits, while quality is a waste of money) as evil intent (trying to test how far they can push the whales). But I have to say the level of incompetence necessary to produce this error with a week long notice ahead of time is staggering.

IF (and again IF!) a player really received a Malicna in AR then there is proof of something other than a faulty banner. Which would then either make their eintire statement irrelevant, because they lied or the interpretation of the message has to be adjusted to them actually admitting wrong featured heroes, not just a visually faulty banner.

Lot´s of options none of them good :smiley:


Two of my allimembers received Malicna. Coincidence? We will never know… But in case, works as intended :wink:

Is oniwakamura featured or not? It’s on the poster but not on the portal list @Petri


He is NOT featured. The featured ones are only the ones clearly stated as featured INSIDE the actual portal.


He is not Featured hero.
This “Featuring” is a very misleading word there as it is there for portals where there is no Featured hero at all. You can see the Elemental Summon “featuring” Magni, but that portal does not have Featured heroes.

Ps: As I see @Petri is might be on holiday he has not logged in since 2 days ago.


Oh the poor man when he gonna get to see the mess this is on the first day when he returns from his holidays :grimacing: