[SOLVED] New daily offer missing

I don’t have this new daily offer, should I have it? I have version 31

Me neither. Also have the updated version 31 and a goblin balloon flying.

I haven’t this offer too, but offer doesn’t look good

I just wonder how many “offers” they are able to insert before we can’t see our stronghold.


If I decide to buy it 10x, that’s 10 micro-transactions on my credit card (20 if my husband buys it too, and 30 if I buy it for both profiles). My credit card company will stop my card until I phone them to get it fixed. That’s a pain!


Offers, it seems are based on your demographics. I came up against this months ago complaining about lack of just one unfarmable and the response was: “why not just buy this offer?” Well, because i don’t get those offers. I suspect they just offer according to region…

You can solve that by buying a Google Play / Apple Pay credit, then using that for your in-game expenses.

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Or, just not buy these offers :grin:


What regions aren’t getting this offer? So far I know of players in India and Australia who aren’t seeing it.

Canada, no offer here.

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I’m Canada and I got it? Weird!

I’m in Italy and no offer for me but some alliance mates got it: they’re in Italy too.
So I don’t think it’s related to region nor country.

These only money because they do not give free all that only they think about them and we where we are​:rage::rage::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

We are currently investigating this here.


Have it in UK but says only 1 stock so would I have to do this over 10 days to get the bonus?


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Just did some thinking on this new daily offer.
For 9.99 you get 1000 gems and a mystery gift.
For 4.99 you can get VIP for 30 days which gives 900 gems, 30 emblems, 90 loot tickets, 30 more daily pulls.
For 9.98 you can get VIP for 60 days that’s 1800 gems, 60 emblems 180 loot tickets 60 daily pulls.
It will only show up on your credit card statement once in a month.
If I was buying I know which I would go for.

No mystery to it. You get what is shown when you tap the “?” icon. 1x EHT, 1x ETT, 3x Silver tokens.

Noticed this appear for my alt account:

But not on my main:

Yes, have restarted app, etc.

Searched forum for “daily gems”, didn’t see anything. Apologies if I’ve missed something, or am hallucinating… Lol.

We have now fixed this issue, please restart your game if you are still unable to see the new offer!