[SOLVED]Nautica in polish name is existing card

On polish Nautica - Wodnik
exist card Vodnik have name Wodnik


Why has this topic [NOT A BUG] written in its title?
I thought, maybe it was solved already, but just checked it ingame, and it is still present.


I dont’t know the gender of the hero, but in my opinion you can leave original name or call the hero ‘Żeglarz(male)/Żeglarka(female)’ or something like that.

@PlayForFun mind to transfer this one to staff, would be very annoying to have two heroes with the same name in any language…

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I am forwarding this to Staff.

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In Polish version Nautica is named “Wodnik”.

Old 3* hero, Vodnik, is also called “Wodnik” in Polish.

We basically have 2 heroes under same name.

My suggestion is to remove name translation at all (most of heroes are untranslated anyway), as word “Nautica” is easy to pronounce in Polish language and it shouldn’t make any problem.

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They changed the name, I think topic can be closed.


Oh, someone reported it!
I was wondering why it hit fixed so fast…

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