[SOLVED] Mythic Titan Loot Bug -- Top Loot for no damage

Ok, you are gonna fix it, but a bit more polemic here:

Why a reward system literally just copied from another event (raid tournament) had so much problems?

I mean… you changed something?

Your random seems day after day not really random.

It wasn’t copied; it had bits and pieces from a couple different places. Some is tournaments, as you say, but most of the UX (particularly the reward screen) is more like monthly events.

The repeat issue is a lack of QA. At least in this case they could claim it’s a missed edge case… but still not good.

I remember being in the 23 thousand players in best attack and only got top 5% loot but got no screenshot of it, is it worth it to make a new thread? It should be top 1% since there are more than 3 million participants.

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