[SOLVED] Mythic Titan Loot Bug -- Top Loot for no damage

I really hate to share this strategy, but would rather talk about how untested and buggy this event was at launch.

I attacked the mythic titan for a total of ZERO damage with an empty team and was rewarded with Top 1% for both Best Attack and Best Total…so all you who spent money and items and time on this event. Doing literally nothing was equal to all your efforts. :pensive:

Thanks SGG!

P.S. Congrats to The Avengers!


Ouch. That is buggy if it’s true.

Can you share your loot? The event isn’t for everyone but bugs certainly aren’t.

I got the same loot as everyone upthread in the 1%…I can’t find a single screen showing my loot and my Attack Total: 0.

Menu options support recent activity.

It doesn’t prove much (easily faked) but it would make me feel better. :rofl:

I have seen exaggerations and blatant lies on the forum before. If this is true, it should be fixed. I’ve created a new topic for this.

And I too would like to see the loot.


I am a truth-teller here, always have been. :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing the screenshots - very stand-up of you. That’s some crazy stuff.

You closed a matter before quoting blatantly false math.

15000 people awarded top 1 percent loot results in 30000 rolls at 2 percent. Which results in 600 4 star mats that should have been awarded.

60000 people with 120000 rolls for 1-5, resulting in 1200 that should have been awarded. And so forth.

This was not done.

As Sg themselves provided what the gem equivalent values should be for emblems vs mats, it was clearly established by the company that ascension mats are the items of highest value, and the lottery for such did not provide expected results.

There is a difference between having a stance and covering a matter up, and math does not lie nor shield a matter.

if no one got the mats, fair and equal in my opinion

if some in the same reward tiers got mats and some didnt even have the chance…then would be a bigger issue.

they’ll fix it for the next one. no big deal…


It is. When I saw the rewards rolling in, I was like…did they just get really generous for participation? lol Then I noticed it said Top 1% Top 1% and I realized what happened because of my 0 damage hits. It’s probably related to the same bug that let me field an empty team in the first place.

I now expect to be unmasked and banned from E&P. :slight_smile:

Sorry for playing the devil’s advocate here, but those 2 screenshots really do not prove anything. Anyone can make the first one, especially if it is an alt account just revisited very recently. I find it shady to have the name deleted and not that very forwarding. SG can verify whether it is really true or not based on the name alone.

As for the 2nd screenshot, it may not come from the same player who scored zero. A lot of players have posted here with similar loot reward and its also possible that the same can be obtained from various sources, i.e. Line, Facebook, Discord or other platforms.

Nothing in the screenshots can be inferred or attributed to the same player.


I am not saying you are lying. Just pessimistic as to the veracity of those screenshots. If those are yours, can you use some video recorder and post a video clip of that same account showing the player profile, the zero scores in the top attacks and top total on the already concluded mythic titan event, as well as the loot rewarded from the recent activity screen, all in one short clip? Thank you so much. :heart::heart::heart:

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No lol. Whether you believe me or not is irrelevant to me and the bug.

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There were a few people I think who posted at the start that they had managed to go in with no heroes, perhaps the easiest way to see if this was a recurring issue would be if one of them could confirm what loot tier they received.

Here is another screenshot of a low score getting top 1% loot


sips 20 champagnes


Hmmm strange. Did you use all attacks or just one. I know I scored low and got the loot for my tier (25%) would be annoying if there was a bug whereby people not using all attacks got higher than just unsuccessful players who just didn’t do well but hit each flag…

was not my alt, but they only used 1 attack.

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Well that’s pants…

Definitely something SG needs to look at then.

This is the same as the weekly tournament bug. Which has been around for MONTHS.

SGG, get some decent devs back on this project — it seems they’re either on Puzzle Combat or whatever your next game is. This is absurd.

seems like this screen shot should have been top 10% not top 25%… looks like there are all sorts of issues. Not surprising really

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