[SOLVED] Mystic Vision Temporarily Disabled for All Players (23 Mar)

Mystic Vision is temporarily disabled for all players, including the iOS players.

Can someone help me to know if there is any issue with mystic vision on ios systems also? Please help how to fix this issue.

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Yeah it’s been down for a couple of hours for me, too

It’s a known issue, the staff has disabled the Mystic Vision for everyone.

Just received a message from SG in game inbox that its disabled for all players.

Started having an issue last night with mystic vision not available. Issue was occuring this morning with game not loading in which I had uninstalled the game several times before it resolved the boot problem. I have now attempted to sign out and back in, rebooted my phone, uninstalled the game again and still see mystic vision not available. Currently running android version 11. Please assist!

Please see the main thread:

Thank you for giving us info, however I would like to understand, and especially have an answer, since you “balance” the odds by disabling mystical visions for everyone, which is a good thing at first.

However, what about the rewards we should have received for this? It would be very nice if the players who have done nothing to suffer these problems since this morning, namely the connection problems and now the problems related to the mystical visions, could be compensated accordingly.

You have shown us that it is advisable to play honestly with the means that the game offers, without trying to take advantage of bugs, but here, the bug is penalizing for the players, should they suffer it too? It would be very nice to see that the designers don’t only see their interests and show the players that it works both ways.


Mystic vision is still available for me.
Got my a few seconds ago ?

Are you using Android or Iphone?
Because everyone I know on Android can’t access the vision… but I know of some on iphone who can… So besides the bug, there is lie, it’s great! It was said that everyone had the mystical visions suspended until tomorrow… they really take us for hams!

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I use android 10. Was very suprised to get a Vision after the forum post. Maybe the last one before they deactivated it?

I just watched one and got a reward for it (arrows and 2 gems!!! Wooo!!!). I got the notice about it being disabled hours ago.

This is on iOS.

I was also able to watch a Mystic Vision and I got 20 emblems from it around the same time as you.
It is now counting down till the next available MV.

I have not performed any of SG’s suggested fixes.

I am on Android too.

Another reason to quit spending. Thanks

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Mystic Vision never came up
Android phone

Did E&P start the Mystic Vision event?
If so as I stated it never showed up on my phone.


Compensation with EHT should be enough before Bunnies in April;) joke ofc

I got a message in my in game mail box, have you looked there?

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I know everyone will be getting quite stressed and anxious. This link should sooth those frayed nerves.

SG will be providing a small mana and an axe in the very near future :+1:

Have a good day, folks.


So is MV back now? I was on an iPhone and does not look like it is back? I have experienced glitches consistently in MV around the time I updated to v36.

And I get tormented by months of fishdom and solve this lame puzzle…

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