[SOLVED] Mystic Vision Temporarily Disabled for All Players (23 Mar)

I’m on Android 11 and for a very long time now I have to restart the game every time to access MV.

I don’t exit the game when I finish playing, just minimize.

I have the same problem today. I restarted game, phone but nothing works.

I opted out of targeted ads and now I don’t have any ads at all.

I’ve tried clicking loads, restarting app, rebooting phone, clearing app cache, wiping all app data, changing wifi and using a VPN.

Does anyone know how to opt back in to targeted ads?

I also opted out, but can still access MV (if I restart game each time).

My problem is different then current thread but the “Exhausted” Mystic Vision Error Message

Was closed so couldn’t post there any more :slight_smile:

I also opted out, and now I can’t see anymore ads. The point is that I am on iOS, so I’m not sure it is and Android issue :rofl:
My children are on Android and have also the issue.

I am on iOS and having this issue. So it may be an issue with Android, but it also appears to be an issue on apple products.

I have the same issue. As suggested by Petri in opening post, I have uninstalled update of Android System Webview. Then I have restarted my phone. Still no Mystic Vision…

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There is a comon factor to Android and iOS:

It doesn’t work now!

Iphone the same situation! Open/close the game and restart phone several times - no result!!!

I’ve got an iphone running the latest iOS and mystic vision doesn’t work for me and many othering in my alliance

I believe it is related with the fix they are trying to implement effecting iOS users now as well. I guess we need to sit it out :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have an iPhone and am experiencing the issue.

I have a Samsung S10 and a Samsung S8 and i tried with the WebView workaround but it doeasn’t fix the issue…

Hey, @Petri !
I’m an IOS user and I’ve started getting the same “no ads available “ since I’ve installed the new update . I used to tap on it repeatedly for several times and the ad will appear, but today it has completely stopped working.
Nothing helps.

This morning I watched Mystic Vision without any problems. Now after 8 hours it is unavailable for me. Android user.

Yeah. Offers never seem to fail to load. Lol

Same problem and it doesn’t work at the moment!

Dear players, due to the ongoing issue with Android, we have temporarily disabled the Mystic Vision for all players. We will reassess the situation on 2021-03-24T07:30:00Z. We ask that Android users please to see these troubleshooting steps provided by Google, which should help avoid potential crashes when we enable the Mystic Vision again. My apologies for the inconvenience caused by this!


What about the IOS users? We have the same issue going on…
Any particular steps for us or it should start working once you enable it back?

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