[SOLVED] Mystic Vision Temporarily Disabled for All Players (23 Mar)

Can’t get mystic Vision to work . Just says no ad available check back later.


Quit the game altogether and start it anew. This usually helps. If still unavailable, repeat the process.

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То же перестало работать, кэш чистил, телефон перезапускал и делал все танцы с бубном…

May be related to current issues with Android.

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Most likely a separate issue, actually. My girlfriend had the Webview issue on her phone, it prevented her from doing anything in the game. The game would load then just crash immediately. Same with other apps on her phone.

The MV issue I get quite regularly. Usually if I log out and back in again, it appears… or wait a couple of minutes and it appears. That’s likely due to the third party app that handles ads, trying to find a “suitable” ad for you. This process tends to take longer in certain countries where maybe commercial advertising isn’t so prevalent. In glorious U.S.A., one only has to wait 30 seconds before advertisements appear before them! Here is an ad for delicious cheap hamburgers. Followed by an ad for a pill that is guaranteed to help you lose the weight you just gained from that delicious hamburger.


I had the Webview issue and followed the steps initially uninstalling the update and then just now installing the newest update and all seems to be working except for Mystic Vision. As others said when this happens I usually just shut the game down and restart it and it works. That’s not working today.

1 час уже подбирает?

I’m in the US and mystic vision is not loading, also Android user

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Normally yes :slight_smile:

However in this scenario the usual “restarting the game” fix doesn’t work.


Okay, perhaps the two issues are related.

MV is still working on my phone (LG phone, U.S.). But I also did not experience the Webview issue.

My girlfriend did have the Webview issue (Samsung phone, U.S.), and now her MVs aren’t working.


Same here. Updated version of Webview did nothing to solve the issue with Mystic Vision.

This is a known issue related to today’s Android issue.

We have published the following announcement:

I’ll mark this as a known issue. My apologies for the inconvenience!

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Any sort of compensation for players or just blaming everyone else?

It’s a problem caused an Android update, so you could ask Google :man_shrugging:t3:

I don’t auto update anything


No ad revenue - quick, hit 'em with the VIP Dragon Magic purchase!!


Exactly their go-to approach, increase special offers but not provide anything of value

Same thing. Petri, good luck solving the issue. )

Yes, same here. No mystic vision ads for me too. Tried restarting, clearing cache, etc etc… Nothing worked.

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I’m in a same train with others, no mystic visions. I’ve done everything that usually helps and then some more.

I closed the app, cleaned memory, closed the phone, hitted add million times while collecting feeders at the same time. Nothing seems to work.

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