[SOLVED] Mystic vision - no rewards (12 Dec)

Mystic vision not working, I saw 4 movies and no rewards.

Confirmed on 3 different Android devices. After watching the ad and returning to the game, no reward is presented. The Vision icon is still available but will not interact or present any message. Device reboot just repeats the process with no reward.

I’ve had that happen to me it eventually reworks itself. A weird bug

I am having the same issue as well. Watch the ad, then no reward. Mystic vision symbol shows with a red x on it. I’ve tried 6 times already

Thing that normally seems to fix this is completely exiting the game, giving it a sec then reopening it.

Not a fool proof fix but seems to work more often than not for me.

Also on two different android devices and can confirm no issues for me today.

This is different behavior than the usual issue that’s been occurring for over a year. The icon is not showing a red X, you can watch the video, but then there is no reward and the icon can no longer be interacted with.

Most newer versions of Android have no option for a user to terminate an app. It’s up to the O/S when to close it and reclaim the memory. Usually after more new apps have been opened. A reboot definitely does close the app obviously.

Still an issue 2 hours later.

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This isn’t true. I am using a Samsung S9 with the latest versions of the O/S

Simply have to exit the game then when on the home screen, hit the two “lines” to the right of the home button. Then simply swipe to close each window you don’t need.

My last device is still an S5 Sport and is the only one you can close an app. Only Samsung still offers this apparently.

I won’t ever buy another Galaxy until they confirmed they have fixed their public WiFi portal issue.

Also playing on a Huawei and it’s still got the ability to close apps too… idk mate, just giving the only solution that is around/works.

It doesn’t work because this is a new, and probably temporary, issue. Something with the video completion isn’t getting the message back to the game and is confusing it.

Same thing is happening with me today.

Closed the app several times and watched ads a couple of times, still no reward.

This is the first time i encounter this issue without it being resolved normally

Try clearing the cache of the app and open the mystic vision again

Also having the issue despite trying to restart the app then reboot the phone

Thanks for the reports and my apologies for the problem. Could you specify which ad is causing this issue?


@Petri I keep getting the same problem with different adds.
Restarting the game opens mystic vision again but without rewards.

I have same issue , not depending by ADs, an example:

Hi, I experienced the same issue, watched visions 5 times, cleared the app cache without any result.

Same problem here on my smartphone (android 6.0.1)

Saw the “Yunar” payback app 4 times.
After returning to E&P, mystic vision gets a red cross for half a second then switches to available again.
No reward…
Also the game sound stops working until restart of the game.

things I tried:
restarting app
restarting smartphone

Did you check the recent activity log just in case for some reason the rewards didn’t pop up on the screen but you still got them?

No reward appears in recent activity log

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