[SOLVED] Multiple sound issues (v18)

The constant sawing sound that others have reported. Attack landing sounds are not present on every other hit, as in during a cascade only every other hit sounds. And during raiding and map runs the sounds associated with rewards (iron, food etc.) are doubled, playing over each other.

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Sometimes after doing an invocation, i hear a very creepy sound just after when i go to main menu.

copy that. summons, collect, ascendion… all sounds are messed.

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A new patch just came (18.0.1), i only noticed it fixed the annoying sawing sound, dont know for the other bugs.

The sound is completely missing from Natalya’s special attack. all my other hero’s special skills are fine, but Nat is mute :confused:

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Yeah, it‘s annoyoing. A lot of audio effects are messed up now, looks like they are speeded up now. An example: Marjana before she just sounded like a normal machine gun and now she fire‘s with an Uzi. You hear not every „grunt“ when enemies you attack double or tripple-time in a row.

Also when you feed your heroes or upgrade, you only hear 2-3 times when you feed 5-6 feeder heroes.

In raids or farming the collecting is also speeded up and makes me real crazy.

Who wanted this new audio effects on a speed like that or missing audios?

Please bring the old one‘s back, if someone don‘t like the audio effects, he can simple turn off.

This issue should be fixed now in the version 18.0.1. Please update your game and let us know if you are still experiencing this!


@Petri, just the sawing sound, how about all the other audio effects, like Natalya‘s missing effect or the speed up effects, that irriates me?

After updating to version 18 my hero Natalya red 5s lost her attack sound. Can this be fix

In raids or farming the collecting sounds are speeded up still. The sound as I’m leveling up my heroes is still every other one.

When leveling, the sound plays only for every other item. I am using iOS and 18.0.1

When summoning a hero, that final sound of it coming out of the portal plays after you claim the hero, not before, when it appears…

The leveling sound is still not fixed.

Why is this topic marked as “SOLVED”??

Further sound issues have been fixed in 18.0.2. Please make sure you have updated your game to the latest version!


Thank you @Petri . You are the best!

Appears to be fixed. Thank you.

Those whacked sounds were driving me bonkers!

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