[SOLVED] Morlovia-gate bug

It’s so suspicious, when Small Giants everywhere says that they solved the case. They suspend thousand of accounts and today I got info that this bug is still working, you can normally got stuff.

On Sunday yes it was blocked and was connection error when you want to play return level, but right now there is no lock

Putting this in bugprogamm is useless because they know it from summer.

I’m why this is still working???

@Petri @mhalttu @KiraSG @EmpiresPuzzles

OP claims that the replayable Morlovia stages allowing players to replay certain stages for them to get the ascension materials and other loot glitchie-something is still up. You might want to check on this.

We were not able to reproduce this issue. Please note that you can still trigger the bug in the UI that makes it seem like you can replay the levels. But if you try to replay the level, you’ll get a connection error.

If you are able to still reproduce the issue, please mention me here and I’ll contact you for details. I’ll be happy to pay a fair bug bounty for a valid report.


May i add that replay the level right now is quite stupid?

Just saying…

I tried and it is not working, I get a connection error.


I’m really confused, awestruck and dumbfounded how the che.aters were able to do it and exploit such glitch, with some claiming that it occurred several months back on another seasonal event. I Just visited again the Morlovia event and all I can see in each difficulty tiers are the CLEARED! text in each and every stage and nothing “tappable” on any of them.

Nope. Don’t bother to teach me. I am fine without that information in my head.

I hope the Small Giants staff were able to check months prior to the SpringVale and SandEmpire seasonal events to spot the possible perpetrators.

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