[SOLVED] Mist (+other sounds) are off

After the update, noticed mist Sound is turned off.


thank you for reporting, we are looking into this now.


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I noticed when I was attacking the titan and my hero’s was at max, it never mad a sound like before . Not even when they cast their special. You can only hear the tiles when they hit the Titian. When I was raiding earlier the only hero I had problems with was mist, not being able to here her special.

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It seems like this issue is on more than one hero…sound is totally weird on a lot of heroes now…Finley f.e. or on combos also…very strange


I’ve noticed numerous random sound effects missing in IOS in v30 … sometimes it’s even the hero dying sound…

We should give them a break.they are new small company with no money.when they reach the las vegas casinos ethics they might learn how to avoid AMATEUR level bugs and check them before release

Sounds are still off.Even the arrows in war dont make sound.i rarely put sound anywayz i m just saying.AMATEUR

@Petri, @KiraSG, are you working on this?

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After the update, I’ve noticed multiple sound effects no longer working:

  • Mist’s special no longer plays the initial music (but Brynhidl’s still works fine)
  • Arrows in war no longer make any sounds
  • And just yesterday, the music that plays when you win or lose during a raid/war match has stopped playing as well
  • The above applies to the end of titan battles too

SG wtf man? How do you break so many things in one single update?

Also when a titan attack ends

Thank you yes I knew I was forgetting something.

Is this really a known issue? Last comms from SGG was that they were looking into it…

Edit: Yes I know it’s happening. Any chance it can be acknowledged and fixed?

Well you’ve done gone and broken the game along with the community with this latest update. You don’t even give me the audio reminder that my hero was summarily dispatched after being brought up the brink of death by the ninja arrow barrage. And then, when by some miracle I do manage to win my one raid every three tries, the victory dance is done to the music in my head.


#NoSpend ‘cause this is lame

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When a hero dies, are not that bell sound. And when the titan are stundend, he continues moving. That happens after last update

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I’m new on this forum, and so it won’t let me post my own topic yet… posting here instead.

If you have no heroes assigned to Team 4, and you’re looking at the Heroes screen, Team 5’s heroes will appear with a “4” above them.

Just to add, costume Boril’s skill (sturdy riposte) “whoosh” sound effect and is completely silent; vanilla Boril is unaffected.

To the devs … seriously?

This is a critical bug … numerous sound effects are missing from the game … I get hero’s killed and I don’t realise because the sound effect is missing … come on it’s been many days … patch this nasty bug …

Not happy at all with the lack of progress on such a serious bug.

Agreed - why has this not been addressed by a developer and marked to be fixed?

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