[SOLVED] Missing Titan/War Loot Popup (Version 20)

Wow… that is a long wait… I only need to wait for 1-2 minutes…

Anyway, it does confirm that there is a problem that need to be addressed. Hopefully they can fix this issue so we don’t need to wait this long.

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Yeah, it’s a pretty tedious wait that seems to end right when I’m about to give up, and then suddenly the popup shows.

Definitely looking forward to this one being fixed…

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https://youtu.be/tRiJjSpAYSI Here is another example that the game developers are deceiving us .There’s no rewards with Titan , though he was not killed , but the lack of rewards from this unacceptable.

Я тоже не получил ни чего за титана с двух аккаунтов

Here is some new information from the SG Support analyst. In my video above, there wasn’t any loot highlighted in inventory, but I’ve come to understand that only 3* & 4* loot is highlighted in your inventory menu. Thus, if you look at titan loot from March 27th (below)…there was no 3/4* loot, thus nothing is highlighted. I’m going to double check this again, but at least I have some data that makes sense that I may be getting the loot, but it isn’t highlighted because it’s only 1/2* crud.

----transcript from SG Support analyst--------
I reviewed our logs and can see that since your initial request on March 22nd you have received your Titan Loot on the following date and times:

** [March 22 at 01:25:41]*
(51360x Food, 33801x Iron, Common Herbs, Practice Sword)

** [March 22 at 19:24:06]*
(35310x Food, 90550x Iron, Firestone, Potent Leaves, Sunspire Feathers, Wooden Shield, Arcane Scripts, Chainmail Shirt, Antidotes, Bear Banner, 5x Gem)

** [March 23 at 21:35:36]*
(43870x Food, 33174x Iron, Sunspire Feathers, Firestone, Sunspire Feathers, Dagger, Wooden Shield, Arcane Scripts, Minor Healing Potion, Minor Healing Potion, 3x Gem)

** [March 24 at 21:03:23]*
(34240x Food, 33174x Iron, Metal Ores, Common Herbs, Arcane Scripts, Dagger, Gem)

** [March 25 at 14:17:44]*
(24610x Food, 73125x Iron, Metal Ores, Metal Ores, Dagger, Training Manual, 5x Gem)

** [March 26 at 12:50:47]*
(47080x Food, 22500x Iron, Crypt Mushroom, Midnight Roots, Dagger, Sturdy Shield, Mana Potion, Minor Mana Potion, 3x Gem, trainer_blue_uncommon)

** [March 27 at 14:45:13]*
(23540x Food, 78146x Iron, Potent Leaves, Sunspire Feathers, Metal Ores, Leather Armor, Strong Rope, Dagger, Arrow Attack, Bear Banner, Arrow Attack, 3x Gem)

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Yep, it’s true — I actually got tripped up by that back in November and created this thread, which helped clarify that was the case when @Petri responded:


@zephyr1 Zephry, thanks! Yes, that is where I read Petri’s comment yesterday.

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Ah, that makes sense for me too then. I also put in a ticket for my non-highlighted loot and SG gave me a list of items I’d actually received . They were all 3 stars and over.

I didn’t get the pop up window after the titan. My gems were depleted after my pulls today but I could see that I now had a few extra.

A couple of minutes later the pop up showed and it had 5 gems. My new total didn’t change which means …

First I got the rewards and then the pop up message appeared later.

When the Titan was killed or escaped, the result dont show up and I cant get any rewards, so does the Alliance War. please help.
my Google ID: pinenut1980@hotmail.com

I am a victim of the titan defeated - no loot.
Now I checked my inventory also and saw 0 ascension items lol.
But I was the best player … A+ rank, I would hope at least i get a compass or something useful .
No alert saying titan defeated or rewards. Restarted the app. Nothing . I’ll post a pic in a bit for verificationIMG_20190330_151055

My alliance won our war and I never received my war loot I tried logging completely out and back in again. Then waited nothing happened so I tried playing in the story map maybe that would have triggered it nope nothing why am I not getting my war loot

Hi, is any one know why I did not get any drop for winning war. Never seen that before. I always had something. I finished with 279 points. 3th place. Why is that?? Cheers

I never received my war loot period from this war that just ended was not in my inventory nothing showed up so is this a problem with the new version that just came out I got nothing at all

The war has ended, BTW I was the top attacker, our Alliance lost, but no prizes were given to me. Same with titan, within the alliance. One of our members didn’t get any twice

Dude, war has like 34 minutes remaining.

The war doesn’t start ends at the same time for all Alliances. :slight_smile: (top Alliances starts first and so on). And yes, my war has ended :slight_smile:

I did not get war loot either, but points were added to the war chest

Yep same here, no Loot points added

I have the same problem I use 2 different email to login (2 different accounts)on the first account I received but on the login to the second account I didn’t.

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