[SOLVED] Missing Titan/War Loot Popup (Version 20)

I didn’t receive my Titan loot at all, not even in my inventory. This has happened to me twice now.

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Hello guys,
I am not getting any Titan loot since new update (version 20)
Is there anyone with same problem? And know what to do about it?

Welcome to the forum. If you have a specific question, it’s always a good policy to check first to see if there is already an existing thread. Just hit that magnifying glass in the upper right corner and, in this case, type in - no titan loot.

That way you will find out if other players are having the same issue. And in this case, they are.

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

@the_Firefly Welcome to the Forum! As @princess1 said, this is a known issue, and is actually just that the popup loot window isn’t showing consistently and properly for all players.

It’s actually happened to me a couple times too, but I got loot that I could see in my Inventory, like an Epic Hero Token when it happened today.

It’s a little harder to tell when you get more generic items that don’t show Inventory notifications.

SGG is working on a fix…hopefully it’ll be ready soon, since it’s an annoying bug for sure.

I had the same issue but mine was a little different. My inventory didn’t show ANY new items, no little numbers.

I put in a support ticket and SG came back with a list of the items I’d received. It was hard for me to confirm because the 5 gems and other little items just got absorbed into what I’ve been stockpiling.

Even the trap tool and epic hero token weren’t distinguishable as I’m saving up tokens for April and haven’t needed any trap tools yet.

That being said, I’m fairly confident that SG isn’t trying to deliberately rip me off my rewards (once before they were able to show me a similar instance of my having gotten the loot), so I’m satisfied that the pop up issue will be fixed soon.

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After defeating a titan I don’t get a message about the titan loot I received. This happened three times now. I think I get some loot, but actually I’m not really sure. Anyone else with that problem?

This is a known issue:

It can be helpful to do a quick scan through #bugs-issues before opening a new thread, to see if the issue is already posted, and if so, to join that thread.

Thanks for the information.

Me too. I even stayed up for the moment of titan defeating. But even after processing, no popup, no reward, nothing new in inventory.

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I was told it’s pointless… 4 titans in a row nothing… Seven Days Condemned is the alliance, and I’m not the only one it’s happen to there

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Same here, no loot at all no new items on the bags. Another member of my ally couldn’t receive the Titan chest

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Sorry to bug you guys, but I didn’t get my titan loot and I scored top dps… I know one of the bugs is saying we don’t get the loot screen that all loot goes directly into inventory, however I screen shot my inventory prior to getting loot… and still 6 hours later don’t see any difference. Granted the titan was only 5 star rare green rooster. But I’d appreciate my loot regardless. Has this happened To anyone else?

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Truly no difference? You could easily have gotten just strong rope, a backpack, a turtle banner, and a gem. If there really was nothing added to inventory, fill,out a support ticket. #contact-support

I am facing the same issue. I have faced 2 dragons 1 victory and 1 defeat but didn’t get any loot. Neither i saw popup nor any changes in inventory!

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guys, you have better issues than my friends on my Alliance. Some of them just can play on wifi and some of them just can’t install the game for two days… hope it could fix asap tho

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Today again, killed the Titan and loot was not received .This is the second time in a week and as the developers wrote in the stocks did not have new items . The game all the more frustrating.

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I realize that Small Giant is stating that the Titan Loot is showing up, but I am stating their claim is false . It is NOT being added to my loot. I do not have more gems, tokens, materials, etc. I pay very close attention to these aspects of the game.

This has happened twice in the last week and now I have video that show I was the top attacker and didn’t get a pop-up or any loot.

Please watch this video I just posted. I was alerted by my phone that the titan had been killed. In less than 2 minutes, I opened my phone, started the DU video and opened Empires and Puzzles.

No Loot Pop-up, No highlighted inventory. Nothing…Again!

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I did fill out a support ticket, but SG is just stating that it is in there. Their claim is false, I pay very close attention all materials. I posted a video below that shows that I didn’t not get a pop-up or any updates to my inventory…this is the 2nd time since version 20.

Just finished our titan and didn’t get the notification of titan has been defeated or any loot.

I’ve had this happen a few times now, and I found when it happened the last two times that if I sit patiently on the base screen or World Map and stay out of my inventory and the chat, the popup eventually shows after 5-10 minutes.

It’s a giant pain, but it did seem if I gave it long enough without exiting the app or going anywhere in the app that would normally block the loot popup showing, it did eventually show up that way.

Before I tried that, the first time it happened I never got the popup at all.

I’ve also seen some funky notification issues around this, like getting a push notification that Titan loot is available hours after I collected it, or that a new titan has appeared hours before it does.

For me at least, I’m still definitely getting loot, but it’s a very inconvenient process.

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