[SOLVED] Missing Titan/War Loot Popup (Version 20)

Wars and titans loots pop up windows are not showing. In titan case I was able to find the materials by searching the inventory. In war case I don’t know if I received anything at all.
The game froze several time within 24 hours after the new update! Sometimes I needed to redtart the phone.


Me too
Facing the same problem


Hello. I beat Titan, but I did not get the spoils. a little later we lost the war, and neither did I receive the spoils …

My alliance win the war,I was first place in top atacks and I war the only one in the alliance that didn’t receive gifs. Nothing new in leafs,wood… tokens…emblems. Yesterday I performed the update.

There should be no known issues related to not being able to get the loot. However, we are monitoring the situation here. You can contact support and we can check your account, if needed.


I get nothing from one Titan hunting and one Alliance War ever since I updated my game to V20 ,Name :sluggertc ,Alliance :QUERTERMOUS!!!

I did get credit towards Titan chest but no loot showed up. When I clicked inventory nothing was new.

Another issue is when we click the rematch button in the raid, it changes the opponent!

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This is pretty much what my last titan did. I clicked through the notification on the phone, went into Alliance, and Titan, saw that it was defeated, was about to panic as I could find no way to get the loot, and then suddenly got my reward (including a warm cape!) after going back to the main screen. The same thing happened on war – I got in and saw that we were defeated, went back onto the main screen, gathered some food, and then suddenly got my rewards.

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Upgraded this morning and today’s titan loot did come, but it came about 10 minutes after the titan was defeated. Some, but not all, others in my alliance had the same issue.

Since update i a have problem with receiving a loot, i didn’t get a loot from a war or a titan🙄

Yep, This problem with me too.
No window with loot, after we killed a titan
I didnt write to support

Well there’s apparently an issue since I’m not the only person reporting. No worries… I just uninstalled this game.

Should we submit a ticket or are they aware and don’t need to be swamped with tickets for a known issue?

I didn’t get the reward screen after updating to version 20 on iOS. But I did get the loot for killing the Titan! It was in my inventory, and that is OK I’m sure the rewards screen issue will be resolved soon. I am wondering if people that are claiming they didn’t get the loot just didn’t get the reward screen. I scored first place on a nine star titan and received fine gloves and a Magic orb. Just a FYI @Petri

Just do give positive feedback.

A hour ago our Titan got defeat and we received loots from him. I don’t know if all 30 players got it, but those hwo were online did get something.

I’ve been getting my loot but I notice that I have to bounce between the base and map more than usual in order for the pop up message to appear.

I did not get a titan loot pop up on version 20

Since client only tracks 3*+ items, and I was farming at the time, I cannot tell if I received my titan loot.


Used this work around. Maybe server lag?

I did not get the titan loot too. It was near to escape, but my alliance members did kill it in the last 10 minutes. I was the 4th. in the ranking. I opened the game, and i saw no titan loot window and no new loot in the inventory.

what is your game version ,V20?

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