[SOLVED] Missing Titan/War Loot Popup (Version 20)

My alliance won our war and I never received my war loot I tried logging completely out and back in again. Then waited nothing happened so I tried playing in the story map maybe that would have triggered it nope nothing why am I not getting my war loot

Hi, is any one know why I did not get any drop for winning war. Never seen that before. I always had something. I finished with 279 points. 3th place. Why is that?? Cheers

I never received my war loot period from this war that just ended was not in my inventory nothing showed up so is this a problem with the new version that just came out I got nothing at all

The war has ended, BTW I was the top attacker, our Alliance lost, but no prizes were given to me. Same with titan, within the alliance. One of our members didn’t get any twice

Dude, war has like 34 minutes remaining.

The war doesn’t start ends at the same time for all Alliances. :slight_smile: (top Alliances starts first and so on). And yes, my war has ended :slight_smile:

I did not get war loot either, but points were added to the war chest

Yep same here, no Loot points added

I have the same problem I use 2 different email to login (2 different accounts)on the first account I received but on the login to the second account I didn’t.

Same issue here

I didnt recieve any Titan loot - no pop up and nothing
Closed the app several times and still nothing

We just defeated a Titan 30;minutes ago and I seem to be the only one on the team who Didn’t get a reward. Anybody else had that problem?

That would be a yes!


I just had the same problem. I finished the Titan off. Come to find out. The member of our alliance who finished it off yesterday just told me he didn’t get one for that

I’ve done all current up dates

I have the same. Finished the titan and didnt get any loot…

My account is #[removed by zephyr1].

I just finished a titan with 300k+ dmg yet I don’t see any titan loot?

Please fix this…
Thank you.

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@Roggie19 There’s a known issue with loot pop ups not showing, but the items should go straight to your inventory.

Just note that only 3* and 4* items show notifications in your inventory, so lower rarity items may go unnoticed.

If you think you have no new items in your inventory at all, you can #contact-support so they can look up your loot history and verify you received loot and that it’s just the popup not showing:

Same thing here
No titan nor war loots

This pop-up issue has been addressed in v20.1. Please update your software. I’m going to close this thread. Please start a new #bugs-issues thread if this problem recurs under 20.1.

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