[SOLVED] Missing Timers (Android, v21)

Titan log show all attacks for last hour as “now” although some were 40 minutes or more ago.

Also on war battlefield green and red online indicators shown incorrectly.

Also chat messages shown time incorrectly. Most messages shown as “now” while were posted lots of minutes ago.

All this problems started in last 2 hours btw.

Have you submitted a support ticket yet? If not, here’s how:


Nope, mainly because this timer bugs not interrupted gameplay mostly. And looked in game now and looks like all returned to normal now. So may tag this as solution.

Update. All problems which stated above returned. Will create support ticket little later.

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Shown that I am not logged in, but button greyed and inactive. Happens from time to time after update

And no timer with titan

There are also issues with flag timers (and count), chest timer, and training camp timer as well.

Mostly visual bugs but the flags cannot be used unless the game is restarted.

[quote=“yelnats_24, post:9, topic:106253, full:true”]
There are also issues with flag timer (and count), chest timer, and training camp timer as well.

Mostly visual bugs but the flags cannot be used unless the game is restarted.
[/quote] same 2020202020202020202020

The timer (heroes in training camps, flags, etc.) all doesn’t match with the real time anymore. They last longer than in reality.

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Same here. noticed it 12 hours ago.

I noticed the same, lost 10 minutes with my builder and wanted mission.

There is something wrong with the flag timers and the timers in general. I noticed this when i was waiting for the event to appear. It took 15 minutes for the 5 min. countdown, but i thought i was just so nervous about my upcuming pulls (which were the worst possible as always) that i felt 5 minutes 15. But thats not the case. I just tested it with my titan flag counter, it said 8 minutes until next flag, so i put down the phone and played an entire round in TF2 (around 15 minutes or so), when i finished i checked my timer and it said 7 minutes. How is this possible? I made a test and locked my phone and counted 30 seconds and checked the timer again, it remained the same when i locked my phone, so the timer is only counting when my phone is active and Im in-game.
UPDATE: I wrote a message in Line to my alliance members that i would have a flag in 10 mins, that was at 15:10, i got the flag at 15:45


I have the same problems. Time in the game is slower than in reality.

I locked my phone down with 15 minutes remaining to the next raid flag. After 20 minutes I unlocked it, but 7 minutes were still remaining @@ Restarted the game immediately and it fixed the problem, flag was available with 55 minites to the next one.

It’s not just me! I thought I was going mad!

I’m fairly sure I lost 10 minutes on my builder and my counter for wanted mission: monsters. I had set timers to alert me when they were ready, but when I logged in I had 10 minutes left.

I have managed to get some screenshots. If you see my phone’s clock (top right) it has gone from 9:50 to 10:30, so 40 minutes, but my titan flag, training camp, wanted chests and mystic vision have only moved 35 minutes, so approx 5 minutes lost.

Now, I have the feeling that it keeps getting worse… :frowning_face:

@Petri not sure if this is a separate bug from the timers completely disappearing. I’m keeping them separate for the moment because it’s unclear to me.

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