[SOLVED] Missing hero image (Hu Tao)

What’s going on here?

Hi, my apologies for the issue regarding missing hero (Hu Tao) graphics! We are working on a new update 1.7.1 to fix this.

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Looks like his special is causing his image to miss too… heheheheh


the new hero is a bit…boxy :wink:

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Maybe he tried going invisible…
Pandas are not the brightest

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I found your missing Panda:




Hi All,

It seems when I open my new Hero I see this picture in version 1.7. I updated today. I already had this Hero before the update.

Is this a bug?

The same has happened to my account with one of my heroes. I’m thinking it must be a bug.

Yup. I get the same when facing him on raiding - instead of the full body pic, it’s a square with the ? and “missing” in it.

Yes, it’s a bug on the iOS operating system. They are working on it now.

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Ohhh :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes:

My yellow hero shows up as missing when I go to level him up! But he shows up on the team? What gives?

Known issue with hu tao. :slight_smile:

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When i have fought against other members two times it Happends that i saw a big box with questionmark and Not The Hero. Please fix it up :slight_smile: [IMG_2819|281x50(upload://gKL5aCB37CPxuDwihamztHzPeCK.PNG)

Known issue, find the thread here.

Aw, darn. And here I was hoping he’d be featured somehow in the event.

I love my kung fu panda!

Hi, since the update, Hu Tao comes up as missing in raids, no graphics. Simlarly if you look at the details in your own account. You can still attack it, but it’s a bit off-putting

Must b some kinda defect in the game cant figure it out

There appears to be a missing graphic for a character, I’ve always seen it before.
Not my character and during a raid.


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