[SOLVED] Matchmaking still running after 19 hours / no War matchup weekend of February 6, 2021


it’s been 19 hours now since matchaking started, and it’s still “in progress”…

How can this happen ?

Note : I’m playing in a solo alliance, that I created on Friday, approx. 6 hours before matchmaking started


Same happened to me. I checked also with others in 2v2 or 3v3- seems like last update works against us smaller alliances. Annoying is that I’m forced to miss 6 pov war flags. I suspect E&P want to encourage us to be part of bigger alliances. I will have to do so for next 5 wars. Frustrating. I don’t like big alliances and don’t like war…

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so do you think we won’t be able to play this war ?

Nope- it will hang in this “in progress “ state indefinitely. I’m lvl 70- seen it before- but since this update, seems to affect others more so. I lost my flags.

ok thanks, good to know
I’ll wait one more war just in case, and if it stays that way I’ll then join an alliance to finish POV

Sure- just for the record, these are the two alliances- zombies was 1v1 and lurker was 3v3 … still in progress

Very bad indeed.

Imagine being part in an alliance with 19 members, and 17 opt for “no war”.

Which is the case in my alliance.

Seems unfair.

At least in my case it’s fixable. I will opt for my other 17 accounts to go to war once again, and will live with the fact that me and my GF will lose the next six wars so that we can fill that alliance chest. After that we’ll see how it goes.

Why can’t the developers leave players to play as they like? It’s not like we’re cheating or something.

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Your matching is still in progress? I wonder what the threshold is … more than 5 must be on the field? It’s really unfair and discriminates those who want to be part of a small group

I don’t know what the threshold is indeed, it could be 5, could be 8, could be 10. No way to know. No announcement from the developers. They only announced that some small bugs have been resolved. However this seems like a bug to me, if they did it intentionally then it’s cowardly and unfair to the player base not to announce it in public. Hopefully one of them could write about the issue here and give us some info.

Edit: Actually, come to think about it, probably I’m still good with this. The only difference is that from now on my alliance will lose all wars. The good thing is me and my GF don’t have to put much thouht in it and just attack randomly thus saving time from the war fights. Or just attack-retreat.

Seems to have happened to me too.

I gave a heads up to the Small Giant Staff.

I’d also recommend you #contact-support


Exactly- I prefer the 1v1 hence wanted to war @zombie - absolutely doesn’t affect others- they’re offline since years. I just wanted to burn all 6 war flags for PoV then move on. So the opponent would win- who cares? I just wanted to play my way without bothering anyone else.

Подбор на войну соперника задержался на 2 часа от обычного, был в 22-55, сегодня подобрали в 00-45, в войне участников 3 человека. Я уже думал не будет войны…

Привет, а в конце концов получилось ли с 3 человека повоевать? Или все таки подбор задержан до сих пор? Пожалста отпишись чтоб знали какой минимум игроков нужен на удачного провода.

Still awaiting solution to be put forward. This happened a while ago with Titans but was resolved

Да подбор произошёл, война будет


For those that don’t understand Russian, I will try to tell what happened - so basically @Garix and his alliance of 3 had a prolonged matchmaking, but were able to get their war on the way. Hopefully that’s the issue with us all and it just needs more time for matchmaking. If not, well, we have to assume: A) You need to be in an alliance with minimum 3 active in war members or otherwise won’t be able to go to war or B) Contact customer support, i guess.

I didn’t get matched for AW for this war (6 Feb), though I participated in the previous war (3 Feb) and made no changes in my settings; whether at the player level or alliance level. This is an issue for me as is negatively affects my potential POV point totals.

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Makes sense- I was 1v1 at zombie and Sam tells me she was 2v2 but didn’t make 3v3 in time. Seems 3v3 is the new minimum requirement. And this was not mentioned on the updates?? Seems really unfair

I also dont get participate in this war! I,m lvl90 player base from EP, I needed to take a little time from my big alliance and I resolved to spend one season chest 0/25 playing solo, after 3 wars the game does not match me up with no one, so what now? I’ll lost one war to get behind to fill my war chest and 6 flags from POV?

I’m sorry if in my third war I got 6 one shots in a hard defense (photo) and reach the maximum points in arena, maybe this’s the problem? I’m flagged to reached 9k and now being punished? Lol.
My war chest current in 15/25 after 3 victorys, I need 2 more wins to fill the chest and maybe Go back to my alliance.

That’s a absurd and I’ll not tolerate this, if staff dont resolve this issue, I’m very considered to folllow many whales and others from EP player base and leave this game for good, even after a spend tons of money, the developers are killing the game.

@zephyr1 @Guvnor

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