[SOLVED] Mana Gained Decreases (v23)


@Petri, I sent an email to Jo under the support ticket with a video clip attached to it and after you review it please tell me how this is just a visual issue and does not affect the game play… Thank you for all you are trying to do…

Dude, time to move on. Theyve acknowledged it’s an issue and will fix it.


This would be awesome, only they’re claiming it’s visual bug, when it’s clearly affecting gameplay. Please lose a few raids and season 2 farming hard mode because your heroes didn’t get full mana, and then tell us it’s not a big deal because they’re fixing it.

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Agreed @KLinMayhem, they acknowledged the issue and are working on a fix. Not much more to do about it at this point.

Maybe just consider that it’s a field aid + alliance war this time :wink:

Either way it seems to be doing it indiscriminately so if it’s happening to you it’s happening to your opponent. Rather evens things out, mostly.

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@MeanMachine I guess you and I are wrong… Too bad right? Lmao flagging my comments prevents my freedom of speech.

Considering the testing sgg can do since they own the game makes me believe them over your anecdotal claims.

Reminder to everyone that we are all constrained by Forum Rules. Let us be constructive and civilized.


@KLinMayhem okay so be kind and tell me why there are lot of issues if the test are done before they place it a new version into production… You are saying that I should stop talking about it because they said they identify the issue and they will solve it… There is no estimate or anything about it. I think I am allow to my opinions as you are yourself… Unless the moderators think otherwise…


How should I know, I’m not a beta tester.

SGG has more important things to do than to put your mind at ease over a small visual bug and when it may be fixed.

I personally think once SG acknowledges they are working on an issue, it is pointless to complain about it—but that’s me. Others might have a different perspective.

If the conversation turns acrimonious or descends into personal attack, that is against the Forum Rules and mods will take action.


@KLinMayhem exactly! How would you know? This page was created to talk about it… It is not call report it and leave it… I work for a company where we find an issue and our clients follow through until it is resolved… It is not a small issue as you can see there are quite a few players here that have comments on the game… Again that is your opinion and mine are different, so we can continue talking about this and we will never get anywhere so I kindly ask you to step back. Thank you.

That’s the thing, it’s not a visual bug.
Your heroes lose mana and then you lose: raid, alliance war fight, get abysmal Titan scores, and so on. It’s not limited to farming or raids, it happens on everything, and it most often causes you to lose. It may be a visual bug, but it does affect gameplay because you lose.
I know that it doesn’t happen to everyone, my friend hadn’t updated her version yet, so she’s waiting for the bug to be fixed before she updates it.
All I’m saying is that they can say it’s a visual bug that does affect gameplay. They can admit that this bug affects gameplay is all I’m saying.


KlinMayhem has been around long enough to know that usually if SG acknowledges they are working on it, nothing more might be said until it is fixed. Therefore “not worth it”.

I understand you come from a different system. No worries either way.

They ARE investigating it. Let’s see what the solution will be. :wink:

P.S. LucasDaoc’s point is true. Please read the Forum Rules. This is a private forum, subject to SG’s rules.


This doesn’t mean that they fixed it at the moment Petri made that comment
They will fix it.
Complaining that it still isn’t fixed is pointless.

IF, once the issue is permanently fixed by SGG, it happens again, show them more evidence about it NOT being just visual.
In the meantime, just wait :man_shrugging:


@Rook sounds good we shall see

Deadpool please see PM in a minute. :slight_smile:

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@Rook of course! I’ll stand by

So far, every video I’ve seen in this thread points to it being purely a visual bug where mana bars jump to their final value prematurely and then jump back down when the bar is supposed to start animating, filling back up to the same final value. The videos with Kiril and Margaret both do this, and I can’t see any issue in the Mother North video.

It’s possible that I’m missing something. Can you provide a video (or timestamp in one of the videos in this thread) where mana from tiles and/or direct mana generation from specials are not correct by the time all animations stop?

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It’s definitely not just a visual bug. There’s something wrong going up with mana generation. Even after ghosting tiles mana bar sometimes doesn’t max, and specials can’t be cast. It cost me a couple raid loses.

Visual or not, at least they acknowledged there’s a bug and they will fix it soon so :man_shrugging:

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