[SOLVED] Magpie's emblem boutique lowered emblem amount?

Dear @Staff_SGG, @Petri,

If I remember correctly emblem amount in the magpie offers was increased to 15/45 after you have increased emblem drop rate in all areas of the game.

Why was this lowered now? Is this a bug or intended?


Yep. Another thread is also created here: Bug in shop [emblems].

I dont consider this as a bug of sorts, but the mods will be merging these threads.


@Petri @Guvnor

I just wanna to know it’s bug or last time was a special offer of emblems in the shop. Last offer was:

  • 15 emblems + 15 emblems + 50 diax for 4,99 zl (in my local currency);
  • 45 emblems + 45 emblems + 150 diax + ett for 13,99 zł (in my local currency).

Todays, it’s 3x less for the same amount…



Well, either its an oversight on the part of Small Giants or they want to figure out whether or not players still remember the previous similar offer.

Inflation is a ■■■■■ (female dog).

Those Christmas bonuses at SGG ain’t gonna pay themselves.


It’s the opposite here, much less money for SG. I or my alliance mates are not buying the offer in the current state, it is not worth it with how much emblems we are now getting for free.

I honestly believe this is only a bug-mistake on their end and hope they fix it soon. They should be able to compensate the players who already bought the offer with the delta amount.

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Thanks for posting, we are looking into this now.


Dear Kira,

Thank you for fixing it so quickly:

You can have my money now :slight_smile:

Kind regards, Ronny

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Its still the same for me.

EDIT: Nope. I just rebooted my phone and it has been updated.

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Maybe just needs a few minutes for all locations, my screen confirms that this was a bug and they are fixing it. Let’s wait for a final confirmation from SG.

This offer should be now fixed and Emblem amounts increased in the offer. We are looking into applying the missing Emblems for those players who already bought the offer today. Thank you again for reporting and my apologies for the issue!


Thanks Petri. You’re the man! :slight_smile:

Thanks for spotting this and sg for correcting, look forward to receiving my missing emblems in the post, I bought 2 of the offer without realising the mistake!! (Please let me know if I need to raise a ticket or if it will just occur automatically)

I also bought before it was fixed and didnt receive yet

Me neither, rebooted my phone and the low amount of the emblems is still what I got.

Patience I would say. They need to list out who got the offer before the fix and then push it to you all. I trust they sort it out today.

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Thank you @Petri. I’m still waiting for the missing emblems that I bought. :wink:

No need to peck at them, just be patient. They’re looking in to it …


Just a status update: We planned to send the missing emblems already today. Unfortunately, our current tool does not fully support this use-case, and we’ll need to update it. We’ll hopefully have everything done within the next 24 hours.


No emblems still? Anyone got them?:thinking:

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