[SOLVED] Loot Tiers aren't giving correct amount of rolls/slots! (with developer response)

Here’s a new one for you guys. Loot tier 11 with only 8 rolls total, including ham and iron as one each. I’m counting the gems as 1 roll as well. This is since the maintenance break this morning which set everyone to Version 1.11, by the way. There is nothing not shown in the 2 pics, either. Everyone in my alliance has the issue right now. Anyone have any clue? See the pics below for reference. The first 2 are mine, the next 2 are an alliance member’s.


Hmm, hmm, it cannot be denied that there are only 2 ascension mats in those chests, not the three that we’ve come to expect. A very unwelcome change. @Petri could you confirm whether this change was intended?


Revelate noticed it looks almost exactly like the loot that would be given if it escaped, which would make sense, but is not supposed to be that way, because it was defeated.

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But it clearly says Loot Tier XI. Escaped titans use the same tier system, but you get the reward tier divided by 2, rounded down. It’s not as though there’s an Escaped Tier XI.

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Here is the loot from Saturday’s Titan. It doesn’t show the loot tier #, but is correct for loot tier 11. Do you see the difference?

I agree, it looks more like loot tier 6, that’s what I meant to say he said, lol

I’ve asked my alliance mates to screenshot loot from today’s Titan. Let’s see what we see.


Thank you, I appreciate that. :grinning:

Our loot today seemed normal.

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Thanks anyway, maybe it was just a one-off fluke or glitch. It still sucks, but hopefully won’t happen with our next one…

DD, this reward is correct (bad, but corret). I count 4 ingredients, 3 material ascension and 4 potions.

I believe he was saying the Kraken is correct, the Onyx is not correct. And posting both pictures as a comparison.

Something is indeed fishy with the titan loot.
@Revelate started a new data gathering thred about it.

@Petri @Sara a comment or update on this would be nice.

There’s multiple instances of something not being quite right. This info is spread out in 3 different threads so apologies for reposting a bit:

A on 7* LT IX: 3 ascension rolls
C on 9* LT IX: 2 ascension rolls
C on 10* LT X: 3 ascension rolls
A+ on 9* LT XII: 2 ascension rolls

4 different screenshots not including the issue @D.D above, and the last one breaks any rational theory I had bout how Titan loot might have changed.

Screen shot for reference:

This is probably pretty wide spread when my alt’s current alliance and one that the alt (and main) were in the past both tagged in have seen loot issues on 9*'s explicitly.

ETA: I’m pretty confident #4 is a bug, much like the one DD posted; however, 1-3 may be a new reality when it comes to titans.

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Thank you for reporting this to us.

Over the past weeks, we’ve been implementing a feature that addresses the problem where some players would get too many rewards when they attack multiple titans in a short time period.

It seems that due to a bug, this feature was unfortunately triggered already in version 1.11. My apologies. This bug has now been fixed.

However, we are still planning to do the change in version 1.12. Basically, we don’t mind people helping other alliances, but we do mind people using it to get clearly more rewards than intended. The alternative would be to make titan rewards worse for everybody, and we don’t want to do that. The game will inform the affected players about the Loot Tier reduction in the Titan Hunt result view. Naturally, any players who stay in their alliances to fight the titans are not affected by these changes.


With the change to titan loot for mercs, any thought of removing the titan chest timer? As with this change it will be a double nerf unless mercs are careful.

Can you share the timing with us? It wpuld be bad to help another alliance and get nerfed loot and then come home and get nerfed loot again. If we know thentiming, we can avoid those situations.


Another suggestion from my alliance: eliminating titan timers and just spawning another one after a defeat/escape (keep the hour between). This would help with unused flags since people will be less likely to merc. Of course it would also male killimg consecutive titans harder duento no tike for flag recharge

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@Petri this is entirely disappointing! We came up with what seemed to be an ok compromise once on this topic. Have you guys really forgotten about my letter already??? Have you already forgotten about the 100+ comments from your community telling you how important mercs are? At least a few times a week I run into people that thank me for helping them when they were getting their alliance started and are happy to tell me how 9 months later their alliance is going strong and killing 9* or 10* titans on their own! Do you really want to punish people for helping other players? Because that’s exactly what this is…punishment!

Unless my understanding is completely off, doesn’t the * of the titan play a factor in the loot tier? So doesn’t that mean many of the mercs are already nerfing their loot tier by typically hitting lower star titans than they would if they stayed in 1 alliance? Sure they are killing more titans, but they’ve already given up filling their titan chests in many cases so does that not also make up for some of this?

It’s a mistake to not learn from and to forget the past history that got us to where we are at today. I ask to please reconsider. I dont have the time or energy to rally the community into making you realize this is yet again a huge mistake…


@Petri In case you’ve forgotten, here is the comments from the first time you tried to end mercing…


Also wars have put a huge crimp on mercs already as we’re locked into an alliance 4 out of 7 days

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That spare me the testing, lol.

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