[SOLVED] Loot Tickets Disabled (18 Nov 2020)

Tried use a ticket in season 3 to autowin in one of the nifelheimish levels to advance on that misiion but got the messege that autowin is unlocked att level 500

It was helheim 23-10 and now it says temporary unavailable


Same problem but I can’t use any loot tickets at all on any level of the game!!!

Probably the same here, I just didnt try any others

Loot Tickets have been temporarily disabled due to an issue in the new update. This means using any Loot Tickets will result in an error message stating “Temporarily Unavailable”. Please note that you do not lose any Loot Tickets due to this.

We are working on a fix that will be included in a new update that we are hoping to roll out as quickly as possible.

Please follow our Support page: News & Announcements for the most up to date information.


Anyone else getting this message? Temporarily Unavailable when you try to use look tickets. Other members in alliance say its working for them.

Hi @KiraSG @petri, not sure if this is related but I spotted something odd with loot tickets last night, maybe it’s just rng but maybe worth mentoning. Yesterday I used 4x tickets on S2 11.10H and got 4x Aife with the loot. I thought oh what are the odds! Did the same again before bedtime and got 4x Olaf.


Thanks for the update. This sucks since we have a rare titan I’m trying to level for. Hopefully we get a fix before it goes down.

Quiet, or they’ll all want them :shushing_face:

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Is there an ETA as to when this will be resolved? I am glad I am not the only one impacted.

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Got another 33 MB update just a few minutes ago since last nights update and that didn’t resolve the issue.

Didn’t resolve it for me either.

Just used a loot ticket. Works for me.

Are you on Apple or Android?
Android still isnt working.

It’s being intermittent with our alliance. It’s working normal for several but NOT working for most of the alliance. A few members are having issues with not being to log in after the last update. It would be nice if SG would update us as progress is made. We’ve got several in our alliance who have said if they don’t get these issues fixed soon, they’re done.

I’m on Android and several in my alliance that are having issues are a mix of both platforms.

I don’t blame them. Not being able to use loot tickets for a day is the final insult from SG. They should definitely quit as a sign of protest


Same - just worked fine for me on iOS.