[SOLVED] Levelling a character used in Raid Tournament Defense Team results in Bad Connection error and makes the game unplayable

While the current raid tournament is happening, leveled up a character which was being used in the defense team. After doing so I got the following error:

After trying to reload the game, I still get the error - I am now in an infinite loop and am unable to play the game.

Are you in australia? Lots of us facing this issue

I’m in the United States


Infinite loop between those two. Close and re-open didn’t solve it. After login, Grimm (he is in tournament defense) reappear and then connection error again.


same problem in austria

Can’t add emblems either… (I think it’s global, I’m in Portugal ;)) Can't add emblems to heroes that are in the Raid defense team

Same problem in UK too

I have marked this as a known issue. We are currently investigating this here and hope to get the issue resolved as soon as possible! Apologies for the inconvenience!


When your server disconnection recovery process ends up breaking the build…

The same problem n Greece.

Same here…leveling Wilbur kicks me out immediately :unamused:

Same here! Restarted app nothing

Same Here in France :frowning:

I’m trying to add emblems to heroes that are in the raid defense team and I’m always getting connection error

Here add emblems:

Got connection error:

Went to Heroe again:

Tried this several times and also with other heroe.

I just submit a ticket (connectivity and game crashes). Thanks.

Same for me too. UK. I have restarted app, closed everything and restarted phone still
Stuck in the same loop between base, hero level up and error message.

Having the same problem as well in the uk

Same here in Switzerland, hope I didn’t have to wait the end of the tournament :-\

Just got back to normal now


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