[SOLVED] Leo is broken again. Video inside (Working as Intended - Staff Response #15)

During the class trials today I noticed some strange behavior with Leo vs Boril. Boril had riposte up. Leo started the turn with 1293 health. He hit Boril for 572. Boril reflected for 85% of the damage for 486 damage to Leo. Leo healed 75% of the damage for 506 (429 + 18% from troop). A net GAIN of 20 health. Yet, he ended the turn with 807 health, which is just the 1293 minus the 486 reflected back. There was no healing. The card is clear. First damage, then mana cut, then healing from damage done. We know very well from heroes like Kage that card order is important.

I’d like this looked into, as it is clearly a bug.

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It looks like it processed the entirety of Leo’s special, then Boril’s Riposte. I’m not sure if this is intended or a bug, but that’s clearly what happened here. Anybody know if this is how its supposed to go?

If you pause and look at the damage/heal numbers on Leo, the damage is first, heal is second.

The heal is just never applied.

They appear at almost the same time, but it looks like the heal appears a fraction of a second before the damage. It looks like the heal was applied first, giving the appearance it didn’t apply at all.
I’m hoping others will come on and give their thoughts too

The heal should not be applied first. It very clearly has the heal listed last on the card. Plus it comes up 2nd over Leo’s picture, after the damage.

Perhaps leo’s whole special applies before boril’s special applies.


If the reflect was applied last, the heal number would come before the damage number.

Something is out of order, and going by the way the numbers appear in combat, plus the other of the special on the card, in the case of riposte the heal is ignored.

If the heal numbers showed up first, THEN the damage, that would be fine and still help Leo when he isn’t max health.

That’s how it should be if Riposte is applied after the entirety of Leo’s special.

So either the number order is wrong, or the special interactions order is wrong. Either way, there’s a bug in there.

Just a visual bug IMO.

To find out for sure, I need to hit riposte with Leo when he isn’t at max health. If the ending damage is still starting health minus reflect, it’s not visual and is a calculation bug.

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looks like the heal was applied first, then the damage to Boril and riposted damage to Leo.
here is the heal:

and since Leo is at full health, that did nothing. then follows the damage:

taking away 486 of Leo’s health.

in my opinion, that is a wrong application of the skill. their stupid programmers seem to be messing up a lot of skills lately.

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I’m not 100% sure it is working backwards… I mean it could be argued to work either way… I think the devs just chose to do it one way not the other…

Option 1: Execute all of offence skill then apply the defence riposte

Option 2: execute part of offence skill, then defence riposte, then back and finish rest of offence skill

So yeah, Devs have gone with option 1 obviously but I don’t think it’s anything new…?

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oh well, devs and their logic…
I guess, this way it could benefit Leo when he doesnt have a lot of health and riposte damage applied before stolen HP would kill him.
good to know!

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This means the special is happening out of the order it is listed on the card and is broken.

  1. Does damage
  2. Lowers mana
  3. Heals for a % of damage done

How can it heal for damage it hasn’t done yet?

Kage has his dispel listed first for a reason. A special is supposed to go in the order the card is written.

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Not really, this does only mean that the attacking effects are done before the defeating effects come to work.

But, this is not the way it worked before the other counter attack bug has been fixed.

Therefore, the big question @Petri is it supposed to work this way?

We were able to reproduce this here, so it seems like there is indeed an issue with Leonidas special. We’ll look into this and hope to fix the issue as soon as possible! Thank you for reporting.

We have discussed this here further, and it seems Leonida’s special should be working as intended. The damage towards the enemy is dealt first, then Leonidas heal is triggered and lastly the counterattack is triggered.

I hope this helps to clarify and my apologies for the confusion!


Nice, makes this Leo a viable hero against risposte, glad I maxed him!

Ok, I can see that side. I had even considered it. Either way was fine, just changes his use vs Riposte a little. Better when Leo is low health vs better when he is cap health. Thank you guys for looking into it. And thank you Baga for showing the heal first, that supports what Petri said.

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