SOLVED - Latest Update v23 causes game to crash

After the latest update (V23.0.0 build 1111) the game regullarly crashes - be it when upgrading heroes, in a raid tournament or in the middle of any activity. Its totally random…before this update it was very stable and never crashed…

Its lost me matches in Raid Tournaments, I can’t count the number of Raid Trophys I’ve lost as it crashed in the middle of a match, Standard games have been lost with all the use flags counted as used…

Please sort it!!

Also when upgrading heroes can the requirement to ‘X’ from the hero twice be removed - it so annoying!!

Further to this I solved the issue last night - Google Play needed to be updated in order for the game to work…

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I crash now to and than i lose my loot please try and fix

Try updating Google Play.

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