[SOLVED] Kingston's debuff doesn't work properly (fixed in V24)

5 months? It’s beem way too long. :wink:


@mhalttu has followed up on the post above by creating a new sub forum specifically for reporting bugs in Beta.

This should help reduce the risk of missing these in the future, as they were previously often reported amidst general feedback.


I appreciate you for addressing the issue directly, thank you for that.

That is excellent news. I appreciate the follow-up.


The player in me disagrees with delaying the fix until v24… however the developer in me agrees with the reasoning for waiting to push out a fix.

I get it; I also don’t push deployments frequently, unless it’s to hotfix things that are seriously breaking my applications. And well, this is not one of those things; the game can still run fine, we’re not seeing war attacks being dropped left and right for e.g…

It sucks for players who have Kingston though. No easy way around that.


Ohhhh…so that’s the reason I’ve been losing with Kingston…smh…

I wonder if SG will compensate all accounts that have Kingston for the Major Mishap of missing the bug…especially since it wont be fixed until 2 weeks…

What am I saying…lol…that’s not how SG operates…they will never compensate for a mistake they’ve made…

Expecting great customer service from SG is like expecting the Real Santa to hand deliver your Christmas Presents…it will never happen. :unamused:

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@zephyr1 or @Rook Its been answered and will be solved why not close it???

We don’t typically ever close bug report threads until the update is released, or the thread auto-closes. It makes it easier for anyone else reporting the same issue to find it.


i thought of that after i posted sorry

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cough Alchemy Lab cough


They used to. I remember getting flasks awarded for game wide issues. Of course, that was pre-Zynga


I’ve had alliance mates get titan flasks as compensation for getting booted off during titan hits, due to server issues recently (definitely more recently than the Zynga deal).

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This is pretty crappy for a HOTM and to delay it (although for good reason). I hope they do right by this.

I’d still like him though as I need a nice green 5*.

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and 20 characters

Do not forget the Alchemy Lab. The feedback there was blatantly ignored.


Reading and finding out about all of this is really disheartening. If these things are continuously slipping through the cracks due to human error as @mhalttu has said, what is being done “staff-wise” to fix it, because it seems to me that SG is simply understaffed.

This app is growing, with it the community and the communities expectations. From a marketing/PR standpoint, SG should be adequately equipped to deal with this, but they don’t seem to be. More staff should be working with the beta testing process to handle bug reports because having a HotM AND an entire challenge event working improperly due to several different bugs is, imo, unacceptable.

I’m not asking for anything free, what I’m asking for is better business practices. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is very important for the success of any business and I have noticed a trend with SG half apologizing while not really making major strides to fix the actual issues.

I won’t pretend to know what working for SG is like, but I would think that someone at the company would show a little more concern with so many MAJOR game infractions happening simultaneously. Maybe it’s the American in me, I don’t know, but I am feeling jaded by this game lately.


So the official info is that it will be fixed in a “couple of weeks” … really is that it, and you think that’s okay? for a hotm to be released with a major bug which was reported in beta.
Customer service at its worse imo

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Hes fixed! 23-9 with him hitting the boss guy.

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And the church applauds standing up !!!

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