[SOLVED] Kingston's debuff doesn't work properly (fixed in V24)

Hi guys!

Found a tricky bug with Kingston.

  1. Raids
  2. Kingston in attacking team
  3. Shoter (like Lianna or Marianna) in defense team
  4. Kingston puts a debuff on the shoter
  5. Shoter’s attack with special skill is hardly decreased, though attack is debuffed by half.
  6. Yes, the target is the same.

Damage without debuff: 696
Damage with debuff: 645
Debuff: -51% attack.
Is shouldn’t be like this, guys =))

Btw, 696-645=51, can it be a decrease not “attack by 51%”, but “damage decreased by 51”? ))
Just a crazy guess ))


  1. Screenshots:
  1. Videos:

Version: 23.0.1 build 1117
Kindly ask to investigate.

P.S. We tried an attack debuff from Alice - and it works like a charm.
Looks like specific problem with Kingston.

P.P.S. If it’s really a bug - can I have a beta access please? =)


Please remove your game account ID ASAP. Never post it in the forums. @LatiyFundiy


Didn’t know it may be harmfull.
Thanks, mate :slight_smile:

Definitely seems like a bug. -51% attack should mean a big decrease in dmg.


I thought you posted this so was ready to watch the myth busted but it’s someone else so maybe legit lol


You should submit a support request directly with SGG. Give them all the info you posted in your original post.


Great idea, tnx.

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Heres Kingstons debuff on magni hitting seshat

Heres lianna with 512% dmg hitting zeline with zeline debuff only 34%


magni with a greater debuff hits seshat for 183 more dmg? hmmmm. Wonder why this wasn’t caught in beta lol. My Zeline’s base def is 762, seshat’s is 719. surely 43 def wouldn’t make that big of a diff would it?


Sartana hitting Kingston twice.


Granted, that jinx gave her a 15% bump since he had one buff on him. So the base dmg was actually 751.


I have passed this information along to our dev and QA team for a closer look, thanks for reporting (and congrats on Summoning Kingston!)

[EDIT] we have found the issue and will have it fixed in V24. Thanks for reporting


Kira, thanks for the feedback!

Though I’d like to say that v24 is rather too late - it may easily be around December.
He’s a HotM, with very high expectation from the community.
Can it be made a minor version/patch for v23?

Pretty please with a cherry on top =)
At least consider this…

Anyway, thanks again!


Gotta agree with @LatiyFundiy.

A highly anticipated HoTM with a special debuff that doesnt work properly should be given a higher priority IMO.


Nope there gonna focus on the next money maker instead of customer satisfaction.
Savvy business move, NOT

Dear Kira,

I do not think this is a fair timeline (unless v24 is a week or two away) taking in consideration a lot of people spent a good deal of money to get a broken hero at launch and the fix seems rather straightforward.

This will create an environment of lack of trust in newly released HOTMs who have been released in a quite decent and proper manner when it comes to mechanics (I am not talking nerfs now but pure as advertised skill sets)

With the above said I would appreciate fixing the bug immediately as anything apart from that would be selling broken goods.


I am hopeful that the revamped Pirates content will require a patch, and that the Kingston fix can be included alongside that patch.

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Very nice catch, hope they fix it quick for such a good eye. Also who could resist a “Pretty Please”

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It’s all impression of your mind that is biased to see only 51 damage.
Send proove.

99% positive the error didn’t happen in beta

Most likely happened between beta and real game

Simple typo of a code would be my guess

But I’m not a programmer what do i know

With all the p2w players in beta, i would be highly surprised if it was the same in beta and wasn’t caught


Did you check out the videos she provided?

The problem was already in Beta.
And I reported it…


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