[SOLVED] Jade does not reduce the mana of the enemies anymore (V51)

My friends of Empire and Puzzle who recently updated the game version to 51 discovered that Jade’s Skill has been changed. She used to reduce the certain amount of mana of all enenies in every charge skills, but in Version 51, she doesn’t anymore! Is this intentional or is it a bug?


It wasn’t in any announcement so nothing intended.

What were the teams? Can you recreate the bug? Or is just the hero card that is different?

As you can see the picture, the sentence of reducing mana disappeared! I meant to upload the video, but it is not allowed in iPhone TT


Yeah that looks off to me

I moved your thread to the big category

I have asked Staff to look at this.

This is how she shoud look now.

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This issue has been fixed now, I’ll mark the topic as solved. My apologies for any confusion caused by this issue!