[Solved] Issues with Counterattack

Right, that’s the way it worked till the update, but does anyone know if this was the way counterattack was supposed to work?

Maybe it was buggy all the time and they fixed it know… :joy::joy::joy:

That would be interesting. The card text does say “damage received.” So you can look at that in two ways:

  1. I hit you for 100 damage. Since you only have 1hp left, you can only receive 1 damage.
  2. I hit you for 100 damage. Even though you only have 1hp left, you receive 100 damage.

The analogy that came to mind was like having an empty cup and a bucket of water. If you pour a bucket of water into the cup, the most the cup can receive is a cup full. But you could also argue that the cup receives the full amount in the bucket, and the extra pours out over the sides. So likewise, a hero’s capacity to receive damage is only as high as it’s remaining hp. Otherwise, I could hypothetically take a 1.1 Aife, put her next to Boril, and now she deals more damage than the 289 hp she has to begin with.

The reason I struggle to believe that it was just “fixed” after three years of being the other way is that there’s no mention in the release notes (and I’ve never seen a post here about it not working according to the second option). I don’t think it’s necessarily game-breaking, but look at talented Elena as an example - if she fires her special, dies, and then revives with one hp, she’s now dealing a lot more than 1.25 damage if she is attacked. It’s a change in the way the game works, but there was no documentation to accompany that change.


Well, that’s the purpose of this thread. It was working different than now but there is nothing in change notes for v.26.

We have to wait for SGG response now, because it can work either way (as @Benn said).

But it was working this way for a very long time. Last change was in v.15 (they make it that no counterattacked damage was done when the targets with riposte died). They reverted it back in 15.1 tho (because it was a big nerf)

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I definitely remember the counterattack being capped by opponent’s health. This change, if intended, would change my approach to fighting riposters.


@Petri Hi. What about the counterattack? can explain, is it your intention or is it an update error, Boril with 100 life points, gives a counterattack as if he had 1300 lives

I recognized a modification in the function of Counterattack which does Boril/Zyprian and others

In the past, the counter dmg was never more than the life of the hero, with the last update the counter dmg is now the full amount of dealt dmg.

@zephyr1 I cant remember this has been announced or either tested in beta. Right?

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It definitely wasn’t announced in Beta.

I messaged the Small Giant Staff this morning to ask whether this is a bug, or an intended change that they forgot to mention in the Release Notes.

Hopefully we’ll have an answer back tomorrow.


Had some issues with riposte in the latest tournament, too. Lost 2 times against Boril. :wink:

Just lost some raids specifically to test. Riposte also changed for my team in raids. So it’s not just the defender.

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Hi, thank you for the report! We have now investigated these two issues related to counterattack.

If a Ranger procs Pierce against a counterattack buffed enemy, and the damage is from tiles, all allies of the same color also avoid counterattack damage.

In this case, the counterattack should be working as intended (and this has not been changed).

If a hero buffed with counterattack is killed, the hero returns full counterattack damage. The counterattack damage is not limited by the hero’s remaining health.

This, however, is actually a bug. We will be fixing the issue in the next update (version 27). Thanks again for reporting this!


This feels like deja vu


@Petri, what is the ETA on V27 release?

Will it be waiting until the Seasonal Event (Springvale) or looking at it in the next couple weeks? Long time for this bug to be live for particularly as it majorly affects raids & tournaments & wars (all major components to the game).


During raids today, in end of a battle I faced Obakan with perfect riposte activated. Only some 200 HP left on him and I shot at him with Alasies special. Consequently, Obakan died and the damage dealt was shown as some 600 while the damage dealt to Alasie was about some 700 (killing Alasie as well). Although, the damage calculation for Alasie seems correct (115% of damage dealt to Obakan), I wonder whether the damage dealt to Obakan (600) should be higher than his remaining HP of only some 200?
I managed to record another example with an Obakan in another raid. Despite he has about 550 HP left in that example, Alasie deals 694 damage and receives 798 damage from riposte (see video below).

I did not realized that before and always thought that the damage is capped at the remaining HP of the attacked hero. :thinking: If not so, I need to think more carefully which hero to shoot at heros with riposte activated.
I would appreciate if anyone can confirm whether it is supposed to work the way it is at the moment or if that has changed with V26.

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I believe it should be late February, hope this helps!



Guess I better get used to it haha…


Exactly, I found myself to be attacking on autopilot when I targeted Cyprian with riposte on. He had like 50 health and I was like Why should I waste attack with Sonya on someone else if I can kill him, get rid of riposte and be able to ghost tiles next? Well, it all worked like a charm but Sonya died during the process. :man_facepalming:

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Hi all. I have noticed something that I think it needs some fix.

The issue appears on the situations, when the target is having not many HP and has attack reflection.

When I attacked that hero with special, the target reflected the overall dealed damage not the damage that allowed to kill it.

If Boril Has 280 HP, the total damage that I deal is 341. But the skill reflects all damage not the part that is equal to Boril’s HP. If Boril dealed 280 damage to be killed, he should reflect 125% of 280 but not 125% of 340 because he physically couldnt loose more HP then he has.
The other situation:

Chao is having 340 HP. He dealed 720 damage and reflected 940…
He should reflect only that damage that let him die.

That’s why I think it is a bug, because hero reflects damage of non-existing HP

Already being fixed i believe


It’s riposte or counterattack damage btw

Reflect is something different

Reflect would be ursena or mitsuko or rare titans or challenge events

Misleading title was actually the whole reason i clicked this thread as i thought there was a misunderstanding about reflect but glad i could answer your concern anyways


Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:


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