[Solved] Issues with Counterattack

Two issues I’ve noticed in the latest release:

  1. If a Ranger procs Pierce against a counterattack buffed enemy, and the damage is from tiles, all allies of the same color also avoid counterattack damage.

Sorry, no video here, but I did it twice in the same raid. I know, I know, I should have started recording after the first time, but I didn’t think it would happen twice in the same fight!

This might not be new behavior, but I’ve never noticed it before.

  1. If a hero buffed with counterattack is killed, the hero returns full counterattack damage. The counterattack damage is not limited by the hero’s remaining health.

Elena under half health (less than 700):

First two blue tiles deal a total of 874 damage (note: the third blue tile is correctly ignored). Total counterattack damage dealt is 874 * 1.25 = 1,092.5. Total counterattack damage received is (135 + 138) * 4 = 1092.

Proof of hero/troop for total health calculation:

Also, I was able to reproduce this against a titan. Cyprian (I know, my purple stack is awful) had under 100hp left. The titan hit him for over 700 and took over 800 damage in return.


I’ve noticed this too but I always assumed Pierce worked this way :thinking: Would be nice to get an official answer on this.

@Petri @KiraSG Would you be able to check that this behaviour is intended?


Yeah, I could believe it. It reminds me of the blind behavior when one hero in a stack is blinded, but the whole tile misses. I just feel like it wasn’t always this way. But Pierce is really hard to track when tiles start flying.


I got the same behaivour.

My Boril with Counterattack active had around 100HP
An enemy Kingston used his special on Boril.

Boril got around 700HP damage -> Dead. And Kingston recieved around 800HP damage.

And I’m 101% sure that the damage returned by counterattacks is limited by the remaining health of the objective of the original attack.

If that’s not the case, I learnt something new today.


It wasn’t the case pre-v26. But it’s the second time counterattack has been broken in the past six months.

Do we know how which hero’s talent is applied to which tiles?

Is it random and could it be RnG that they were all alasie’s?

(Asking questions thinking this has all been explained before)


Don’t know, but if it works like Blind as @Benn suggested, then it’s just an either it activates as a whole or not kind of thing :man_shrugging:

For ref. on the discussion on blind:


That’s a good question. For other talents (e.g. Delay, Jinx) I’ve always assumed that even in a stack, every tile has a chance to proc it for each talented hero. Never proved out the assumption with numbers.


@DaveCozy should I split this into two separate threads? Or are we okay leaving the two issues together until we get a response from SG?

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I would wait until staff responds. It’s the end of the day for them so we will have to wait until next week for a response. I don’t see much point splitting this right now.


Here’s a video of this bug:

Richard should survive that hit but took full damage instead.

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Really? Why? He dealt 771 damage to primary target. 125% of this means 963,76. Rounded by the game at 963. So why Richard shouldn’t have died with his remained HP?

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Well, until now the countered damage was capped by targets health. In this case Magni had 519 HP so countered damage should be 648,75 not 963,76.

It’s not that evident in this case because of higher health but imagine Magni had 1 HP and countered back 963 damage. It would definitely made riposte skills A LOT stronger.


This is incorrect. The riposte has nothing to do with the health. The riposte is a percentage of the damage dealt. If before worked like this, it means then was indeed a bug and they fixed it in v26.

P.S. I have no idea how it worked before because I don’t hit a hero with perfect riposte before dispelling. Also I didn’t level heroes like Boril and Cyprian, which are useless for me in attack.

I am pretty sure it was capped by the remaining health of the target before but I never thought it was a bug. That is certainly a choice about how mechanics are set up and it is a fair one in my opinion.

I haven’t tried out myself but if it only takes into account the damage dealt disregarding the health, I would find it extremely dangerous because counterattack would become a game breaking buff very soon.


I didn’t know my thoughts on game would trigger you to imply I am not an experienced player, since it wouldn’t make a ■■■■ difference anyway. Additionally, it makes you sound childish in a discussion because people who articulate opinions maturely assume the definitions of certain abstract concepts such as game-breaking might differ among people. For that reason, just try to focus on what is said instead of who said it.

And as a response to the sole reasonable assumption in your reply, yes, I am not playing PC.



Athenas def down on Cyp killed Richy, since he dealt massive dmg to Cyp due to that. Therefore the riposte was also deadly.

If this is a bug, I kinda hope they don’t fix it. Riposte is already pretty underwhelming outside of events and Atlantis hard mode, so giving it a boost like this is a balance improvement in my opinion.


then Leo hitting a 1HP enemy should get the full amount of HP back, not based on 1HP.
and hitting a dying hero under WIlbur’s special should also divvy up the full amount of damage, not just what it took to kill the target.
there are other instances where something is capped by the hero’s remaining health, and riposte shouldnt be an exception.

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