[SOLVED] Issues logging in to the store

Keep getting the following message.


Yep, same here bud. It’s down at the minute.

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Yep, same here. Everyone just flocked to the store.

+1 Also, is day one literally ending in a few minutes here?

The Same here, some thing was wrong

Don’t want to say, but same here

Well, I made a purchase, money withdrawn and no gems… wtf?


I had this issue, but restarting game helped. But I have a other one: I bought some offers in a story, but did not receive those items in the game…

Same here 20characters

And here. But maybe we will rock it…

I bought $4.99 deal in the store. But I did not get the 750 gems nor can I claim the gift. What is going on?


Didn’t work for me unfortunately

Also purchased from the store and didn’t receive anything.

Something’s up, I just bought the two store gem bundles and they didn’t credit. I’m confident they’re aware of this.

alarm klaxon sounds, red light spins

Small Giant IT support jumps out of bed, scoots in desk chair up to computer, puts glasses on, looks at screen, sees store going haywire, dramatically says “oh dear god…”

The sea churns,
Local wildlife scatters,
In the distance… sirens ;'(


Same for me, bought an offer, taken money, no items

Same here. Error when want to claim gift



Please tell me its just people flock.ing to the store for gifts and not to make purchases. The gem rate is terrible. This my first Black Friday, I would have expected much better deal on gems. Not worse.

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Purchased from store (tried twice), said will credit in game but received nothing.

Same here. No gems in the game after purchase.