[SOLVED] iOS - game sporadically crashing after the update (with the steps to reproduce)

After the update to V36 there is a serious issue when the game crashes after you switch to another application. The issue even happens if you just swipe the screen from the bottom (or press a home button on iPad), but don’t actually switch to another application. Steps to reproduce (at least on iPhone XS, iPad and iPad Pro; iOS 14.4, iPad OS 14.4 and iPad OS 14.4.1 accordingly):

  1. Open the game.
  2. Wait until the game loads and Game Center popup moves away.
  3. Wait 30 seconds. This is important, as it’s crashes only after some time in the game.
  4. Move a bit the map to make sure that the game is responding.
  5. Swipe the screen from the bottom (or press the home button on iPad). Return to the game. Repeat a few times until the game freezes or crashes.

Hi @PaulKami

I have an iPad 6th Gen with OS 14.4.1 and it’s the only device that I use for playing E&P.

Although I have also experienced similar game crashes (example: the game completely shuts down and I’m back on my iPad home screen), I haven’t had a problem (recently anyway) if I do the following steps listed in the link below:

Finally, I haven’t installed the latest version 36, although I did install 35.1.1 build 874 on Monday.

So I’ll reply here with any additional info after I install version 36


Thank you for the suggestion, but unfortunately the issue is still reproducible (with exactly the same steps I’ve described in the original post) after logging out and logging in into the Game Center.

Hi @PaulKami

Sorry to hear that you’re still having trouble and please forgive me for asking, but to be clear, did you log out of the Game Center + sign out of the device + turn the device off?

Sorry to reiterate, but I’m just trying to help…

And speaking of that, here’s the link to the E&P community forum OP with steps to contact game support:

And here’s a visual chart courtesy of @MuadDib

I’ve installed v36 and it seems stable, but I’ll let you know otherwise…

Best of Luck


Thank you. Yes, I’ve tried the exact steps. Signed out from the device and switched it off. Turned it on, logged into device and Game Center. The result is the same. As this issue is observed on multiple devices (used by multiple different people and using different accounts) after today’s update, I don’t think the issue is in the temporary Game Center glitch. If you’ve updated to V36, have you tried to reproduce the issue following the exact steps I’ve described in the original post?

I am having the same issue since the update. Something has changed! Sometimes it happens immediately and sometimes it will after a few times. You used to be able to even go to other programs for a short time and come back to it but now it will close and you have to re-open it.

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Mine crashes while the iPad is in lock mode (either from timeout, lock button, or shutting the cover). I have to restart it every time after unlocking my iPad.

iPad Air 2nd gen, whatever the latest iPadOS is.

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iPhone 6 iOS 12 … constantly crashing also after the most recent update

Mine does it … any time.

I mean mine was fine. BEFORE this update lol :joy:

Same all of us with iOS I stopped some from updating

Hey guys,
It’s the massive bug, many players from Russian community reported this behavior.
Kindly ask to fix the issue.

@Petri , @Guvnor

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Thanks for reporting, we are taking a close look at this now. I will update as I know more.


My iPhone XSMax , OS 14.4.1 , and same to iPad keep crashing all the time , and the screen freeze after last Update :cold_face::slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you! This is even happening when I receive a call! It could mess up if I am competing in a tournament! :slightly_frowning_face:

Should I opt out of war??? It crashes non stop. To trigger it on purpose just get a text or scroll up from bottom to record or turn dnd off or try to shut chat window also.

Happening here also. On iPhone 8 + iOS 14.1.1 and iPad Air 2 on latest iOS.

Hi everyone! The game app was being killed automatically when it was on the background. This should now have stopped from happening at least so often. Thanks so much for reporting this and thanks for your patience! Let us know if you still encounter issues in the game.


Thank you @Saanzi :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there anything that we need to do on our devices or is there an upcoming patch or update?

Thanks again

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This should resolve on it’s own without action. No patch needed for this, the same 36.0.0 build should start to behave normally without update.


@Saanzi I still don’t have an update in App Store🤔 I’m using IPhone XR OS 14.4.1

New game update is available to everyone ?

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