[SOLVED] Incorrect Spring Offer (Apr 15, 2021) MASTER

So some of the people just got 8 eht’s, 4ett’s and 40 MILLION food for 12 bucks, and now they took it off cause it was a mistake? This is hugely unfair for the rest of the players and SG definitely needs to hand some foodcrates to our inboxes and no… not 1x 500 but all of the crates


I don’t think it’s solved. Now you have to bring it back probably as it gives a significant advantage to those who managed to take it with food bundles, 10 million of food allow to lvl up troops and a lot of other stuff … I see it completely unfair move.


Agree their mistake they need to own up to it. Make it available to everyone today


@KiraSG surely the offer should be reinstated as otherwise it’s unfair for those that had no option of buying it? There would be a huge imbalance otherwise. Those that want to buy it can, and those that don’t, don’t have to. At least the choice should be there.


sure thing, they can’t just simply take the food bundles away. It’s not a solution

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The might take gems and stick u in - gems

No, we pay for that offers, not for this one


I don’t think so, it was an error by small giant, not ours

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That’s not a solution, too. All they can do is to proceed with the bundles, otherwise I see it as a very unfair attitude to players


This has not been solved. Not even close.


Yup, there were actually people in my alliances who started considering connecting their credit cards back to the account just to get the offers. The money SG would be getting from this one would be huge.

And what’s the cost for it? Not like you can do anything gamechanging with the food. Speed up levelling a hero for couple days but that’s it.

Certainly not wise to remove it, even if it indeed was not intentional.

Certainly not fair to let some players buy it, but then don’t let others buy it. If there’s advantage to get, it should be equally available to everyone, just so the harm is avoided. Right now some people are ahead and some are not, which is the worst outcome.

Certainly not wise to leave people who bought it thinking it was fair hanging like that. I bought it because the price was good for the products presented. I would certainly not have bought it just for the tokens alone, I ignore most of the Springvale calendar and this would have got ignored as well. Will the bundles disappear from my inventory now? How can I get my money back then? Will I get gems deducted? I don’t feel like I cheated etc, paid the price according to the advertised, why would I be punished?

I think there’s only one way out of it, and that’s reenabling the offer to everyone… and improve the offer approval process :upside_down_face:


Agreed but they done this before so makes me think could they do that.

I think they can’t take it back if you storage that food in tc11-tc20 food storage.

Solved? Really?

Mistake was to take offer away…SG is now giving a HUGE advantage to some players…

Taking the offer away is a greater mistake than the one they was trying to solve…


Yeah…im pissed i could of used the food. Thanks alot SG should of owned up to your mistake and just left it. Would of been the best solution for everyone.


@KiraSG @Petri I need your statement, what now with the wrong offer purchased

Agree with that. They should have left the offer. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

To add insult to injury they are now in the very uncomfortable position to decide what to do with those who bought the offer. These guys bought the offer as advertised. OTOH, it was clear to many of them that this was a mistake (in our alliance it was basically “lol, quick before they pull it”).


Of course we didn’t cheat, and neither was it an abuse of a bug. It was simply a purchasing decision based on the offer presented.

Personally, I don’t think they’d dare consider removing the food bundles. It would be a nuclear disaster of a PR disaster.

What I am considering however, if offering my services as a PR consultant. I don’t have any experience but it’s not like I could do a worse job.


I confess, i saw it, posted it to our alliance chat and bought all for both my accounts.
So yes I now have a huge benefit, so please SG make it available to everyone again.
Actually the food shortage for troops and emblems should have been addressed for free long back, so offering it for money is not exactly the preferred way to solve this issue in game balance!
But giving it to some and not to all is pretty much unacceptable!


Classic SG, do something dumb and cover it with something even worse.

It’s not like we as players will do anything, so why stop screwing us over, right ? Keep up the good job.


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