[SOLVED] Incorrect Spring Offer (Apr 15, 2021) MASTER

And in the event you have a timer showing exactly when it will end so you can make a choice on if it is worth it to you or not. The deal also had a timer on it, but that countdown ultimately did not mean anything as the offer was modified mid-coutdown.


That’s absolutely right.

I would add to @SassyWill: That when you wake up and open the event. You see the exact same thing that everyone else in the entire world sees when they first open it also…
For The Duration Of The Event…!

This appear less like an apple and orange to me
More like an apple and lump of coal

If you want to make it apples and oranges @Ruskin505 then you have to keep going:

You wake-up 6 hours after an Event starts. But 5 hours in SG decided they want to cancel the event.
However, they leave the rewards for those who were awake when it started.
The top 100 just got the easiest 4* mats of their careers!

You get nothing

It’s still not the same fruit. But now you’re getting closer to what happened

If you decide to leave a mistake for a portion. Then leave it for the whole…
Or take it away!

That also… didn’t happen

Maybe it’s not too late to take it away?
And give those who capitalized a negative ham balance. According to your camp that wouldn’t be a big deal to replenish anyway. And we’re all back in the same boat again, yeah!


i still think it was unfair

The people defending SG is crazy to me haha, like why support them , let them vouch for themsleves if they did such a good job on this situation.

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Completely agree! Their silence is deafening.


I guess they’re hoping this just goes away. I genuinely wonder how many people changed their spending habits because of this; I know that I’ve saved about £25 so far in offers I didn’t take advantage of that I probably would have otherwise.

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You do realise how that would play out right? The only currency SG uses are gems valued at shop prices. So people who took the offer and used the ham would be left with a huge virtual cash debit. How to lose customers 101: Duck them over and guarantee that they all will quit.


This is something I would really like to know: how many of those from SG who play their own game among us (they have said they do) bought this? Why would this be important information? Because if the people responsible for this section of coding bought it then they gave themselves advantages. But that would never happen right. (Sure…)

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I’ve changed in a large way myself. Passing on ones I’ve always bought in the past.


And I wonder if it might actually damage the game economy if this were allowed to be purchased by all. But curiously, SG didn’t explicitly state this. They only mentioned it in reference to those who already purchased it. So they end up looking like a bunch of turds who dont care about their customers. I’ve seen a ton of ‘first time poster’ banners in this thread. Pretty sorry pr.


I could have used that ham to level up a 5 star hero using 1 star hero’s and NOT CARE…

Yes, 40mil of ham for $12 is a Big Deal!!!

Why spend $30 on a 10 pull and get NOTHING!!!


Don’t worry nobody will do a thing… It will stay unfair for us


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