[SOLVED] Incorrect Spring Offer (Apr 15, 2021) MASTER

I am never purchasing ANYTHING from this game again. I might even uninstall it. This kind of unfairness is intolerable. I usually spend about $100 a month and have been playing for a year and a half. Extremely unhappy.


I think restoring the offer would bring a lot of goodwill for the developers, which has been in short supply recently. It’s a simple thing that could easily be restored


Like many others who have commented, I got it too. But this is the wrong approach. And I know it’s not your decision because someone much higher up than you probably assumes that those who didn’t get it will just use the shop to refill their ham, because high ups rarely understand the business/product on the consumer level.

You can’t say that it doesn’t break the game economy, and then still take away from others the opportunity to buy it.

If it won’t break anything, let everyone have a fair shot. If it will break things, roll back accounts and give us the gem equivalent.


Can we please get 40 M food in our inboxes, for free? It’s not a game changing decision anyway… :man_shrugging:


This needs to be giving to everyone. How can some get it and others don’t. I feel this gives an advantage to some players and not everyone. This has to be illegal

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I agree that this situation is ridiculous

But it is more of a problem with the the deliberately grindy freemium business model than the actual gem / premium currency worth of the food

Why was this offer so awesome before they fixed it?

Because food is incredibly grindy and limited




From forum time stamps, the situation was resolved sometime around 5:00 EDT ( 9:00 UTC )


So they are limited in being able to take back the food that was purchased (which they should not do any way!), but they certainly have the ability to provide to the food to those that made the purchase and did not receive it.

This is a simple PR win that is turning into a PR loss.


@a-guy-at-SG who made that human mistake:
I will pay you equivalent of what i spent last year If you do the offer “100k gems for 1 dollar” next time

HMU bro !

Hello Dear SG.
Please Reconsider Your offer I am myself one of those guys who spends 2thousands of euros easilly per month in this game and I know a few more.
I Feel that’s unfair decision from Your side so far. As I expect in this game, if there is something up for sale, then anyone should be available to buy it in next 24h hours and offer must be fixed for all. same price same items. Who wish they can buy it, who don’t they don’t.
You can’t let someone to have a bargain deal while all others misses same deal because of Your mistake,just because they weren’t available to log in game at first 2h when offer come up. It’s unfair to all players.
I and my friends are considering to stop spend single Penny in this game if You can’t make it fair for everyone.
as Food does brake game economy, especially when some people has disatvantage offered by You unfair against others.
Please reconsider Your decision SG.
The Best outcome in this to not hurt so many players would be bring food boxes back and in future to be more carefull with Your marketing offers.

Sincerely Artis


That’s not PR loss. That’s PR Epic Fail. Maybe even Legendary Fail. All five stars of fail there. You need to have skill to screw up this badly.


He may not see your post.
Most probably he was fired :grin:

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Plus if you restore it, so many people will buy it. Even people who don’t normally spend. You could make a huge money maker out of a mistake,


Maybe, always worth trying.:stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe rest of the normal crew at SG could do us a favor if the big bosses are so unfair. Like… sneak us tomorrow similar offer, won’t you? Just shhhhh don’t wake up the guard dogs

The problem I’m guessing is that they think it would decrease future spending, because people would keep waiting for another one “as good as that time we for 80 million food for basically nothing”.

I would never have bought nothing from this game the tokens meant nothing to me , I stopped spending but that food was to nice to resist I have proof I purchased so work it out and banning my posts

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what is this??? how can they remove it for everybody!!! THIS IS SOOOO UNFAIR!!! I hate your stupit mistakes and decisions…

When they say 45M food is not a game changing XD
I’m laughing

*alchemy lab 24h Operating
*Lvl30 Troops easy lvling

If they want to make it fair and let the Offer still there.
It’s your mistakes, yet the other got punished.


Not true though.

Just because something isn’t a physical object, doesn’t mean there is no cost to it.

Bandwidth, server space, licensing costs, development and testing effort, etc.

Every item sold in game has a value associated with it and that value shows up on balance and accounting sheets.

In this example, if you fill your food through the store you are looking at over 1,500 gems per million ham

So, for every player taking all 4 offers that is ‘worth’ over 50,000 gems and will show up as a ‘loss’ on accounting

I have a call into a friend that is.

What about the players, your customers, that did not get the offer. If your human mistake is not available to all, it is unfair. Do better, we are your customers.


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