[SOLVED] Incorrect Scores Shown on the Raid Tournament Leaderboard


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Possiblr merge @zephyr1

This just proves how the normal raid is floored. The game is so inconsistent constantly get beaten by teams with -600/800 difference to mine.
No wonder so many people are becoming infuriated with this game.
Is it a ploy to force players to spend money

Is it possible to have the Devs message pinned so players can stop creating new threads?

@Kerridoc @zephyr1 @Rook

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What is up with the raid tourney scoring. It seems like if you start with a low ranked team, you score more points than if you started with a higher ranked team. Why is that? High level players with a team of 1 star hero’s level 1 seem to be gaming the system.

Lets see how they are doing by the end… thats what counts

Appears to be legit now.

Thx @SG for the fast fix.

Those multiple complaints aren’t purposeful anyway.

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