[SOLVED] Incorrect Chat entry since Update 1.13

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Since the update, individual letters are “swallowed” in the chat. You type everything correctly, but it is not displayed. A restart or another keyboard will not help.
can someone reproduce that? I have already read that this error has occurred more.

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Yes, it is very hard to chat in the new room today. Type is being backspaced for no reason. Please fix this as it is making chat very annoying. @Petri @mhalttu @Sara

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Yes!! I’ve noticed this too and makes chat so frustrating. I’m hoping they fix it soon because it’s hard to help and communicate within the alliance and with others in the game.

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I was just surprised that nothing was reported yet. I’m glad not to be alone with the problem :slight_smile:

Chat typing is all messed up. I am in IOS, and have seen some people not having this problem

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Same here…iOS user. I assumed people didn’t have the problem due to not updating…

Is this only in the newest room, or existing rooms as well?

Happening to me everywhere, even alliance chat.

Pretty much everywhere rook…

I couldn’t reproduce this.

  1. Is this problem only on iOS or also on Android?
  2. What iOS version are you running when the problem occurs?
  3. When does the problem occur? As you type the text in the text box or do the letters get swallowed only after you’ve pressed the “Done” button?
  4. Any other information that you could give us to make it easier for us to reproduce the problem?


I had it in alliance Chat ( i rarely go to open Chat rooms ingame).
When you type and look what letters are displayed there are missing some.
So far it only happend in e&p and no other app. - using iOS

I’m on iOS, started happening after the new 1.13 update. Basically as you’re typing it randomly backspaces or does a space instead of the next letter you’re typing. It also randomly auto-corrects, probably due to the random spaces it throws in.

I have the iOS version 11.4, the error occurs only in the game. This affects all chat rooms in the game.

IOS, IN 2 tablets, one running version 9.3.5, the other version 11.4.
The letters get eaten mostly at start of a phrase, but also in words afterward, before giving enter. At start of phrase it is more noticeable, as it jumps when typing the first letter. It happened both in alliance chat and AR.

Thanks, everybody. I was able to reproduce the problem. We’ll fix it in the next version.


Thousand thanks, you are the best :))

@mhalttu how long? Some people are reporting not being able to use the keyboard

Some member report an 18MB update. Meanwhile try to wipe on the keyboard and do the full autocorrection

Vesion 1.13.1 has been released on Android, and it should fix the issue. I hope we can release it on iOS tomorrow morning, after it has been approved by Apple.

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I have just received the update and the game is going great! All bugs have been fixed, thank you for this great service!


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