[SOLVED] Inconsistent Atlantis Coin Drops Using Loot Tickets (4 Dec: Coins Disabled for the Current AR Event)

I was chasing experience points so I kept on doing S2-9-10. That way, my 54 max WE flags can be run 18 times with loot tickets, increasing the chances of “meeting” the orichalcum sea dragon. 2 birds with one stone (more stages replayed and high exp point per WE).

They’ll come. And hopefully you’ll get more than usual.


This is absolutely absurd. You may just be the messenger, but go ahead and relay that this isn’t customer service.

I also want to know what changes are being put in place to stop such a disastrous core change from being released that it’s caused 3 separate bugs.

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I got 1 coin in my inbox. 1! I blew through all my loot tickets and WE, and SG is giving me 1 coin?

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Meh. Used around 20 flasks, 4 loot tickets per flask (80 total) to play 27/9 on hard.
Only worth 18 atlantis coins according to them. What a bummer!

I have to feel sad after reading your post…
but I’m laughing… sorry… ahah >_<

Loot boxes

The way I understand it, it has to do with keeping the metrics consistent when doing data mining of their own players.

Being too generous makes it difficult to track the loss from the mistake, the gain from the compensation, and fluctuations due to player behavior.

SGG CEO Tim is even more of a stickler for metrics than Zynga CEO Frank. (linky, linky)

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So I just got my supposed replacement atlantis coins message in my inbox. It’s one f***** coin. ONE! Ridiculous. That’s all E&P thinks I am owed for their Atlantis coin bug after burning through all my loot tickets and WE? Is this a joke? Another bug?

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You are not alone in this, please post in the existing main thread:

@moderators merger?


I didn’t even get 1 and I burned through 100 +loot tickets and WE…

re: all the talk the other day about how SG only has canned messages to send to our inbox about game issues

Kinda seems like that is at least partially incorrect, considering they were able to send this very specific message out:



How many A.Coins did you get as compensation?

Kod nas u savezu su mnogi igrači nezadovoljni novčićima,ja osobno sam primjetila jako malo ispuštanja tokom igre,11 bočica/30 novčića. Razočaravajuće In our league, many players are dissatisfied with coins, I personally noticed very few drops during the game, 11 bottles / 30 coins. Disappointing

After seeing some first players getting their ‘compensation’ cough, let me raise a question @Petri:

There are players receiving a single Atlantis coin as compensation. As far as i know, each orichalcum dragon yields a minimum of two coins. Doesn’t this seem suspicious to you as well? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Seriously, could you please double check whether there might be a glitch in the calculation? :thinking:


None yet, took that from a post in this thread. I use my tix one at a time anyway so wasn’t affected by that. But I did continue to autoplay for packs/recruits with regular flags thru the end of the event so hope to get something from that.

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I used some loot tickets. I’m curious if I’m going to be included on the first & second batch or on none.

I total I used 10+ flasks, if I’m not mistaken.

My first 44 loot tickets yielded 12 coins. The last sixteen yielded around 40. I received one coin. I understand that this averages out I suppose? But the “randomness” of the sea dragons is supposed to be just that. Random. I don’t understand how they can do a “calculation” to determine what I would have gotten based on a random drop and give me one extra coin. As far as I’m concerned, those first 44 tickets should have yielded more and because of their bug, I got screwed and then screwed again. I’d rather they take all the coins back, give me back my tickets and flasks, and let me use them on a legitimately random event. This is unacceptable behavior and they should be ashamed. Thanks for the “generosity” during the season of giving in one of the worst years in history. Wretched company.


Here i am my friend! i was certain that the situation will have ended up like this, seeming that “they care more about this game than a lot of you seem to think” was a not only a fool statement but also a completely out of reality things to say, knowing how SGG handles these situations.
For my 110 tickets and 12 flasks wastage i received the incredible amount of 1 coin , are you happy of what you got??

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Does this mean the 1st batch is still ongoing? I use around 38 stacked tickets before seadragon were disabled yet I have not receive any mails containing coins.

Here is the detail I get from recent activity:

Before seadragon were disabled, I use 38 tickets in stack (multiple at once, around 3 to 5 tickets at a time) and 21 tickets individually (1 ticket at a time).

Thanks for the update, Petri - could you please let us know when the coin distribution is complete, so we’ll know if we’ve been overlooked?


In my entire time playing EP, I have never seen a seadragon drop exactly 1 coins. The minimum they drop is 2 coins…

So how come some player receive 1 as compensation?


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