[SOLVED in V28] Costumes locked due to tournament (Discussion/Feedback) - Staff Response Post #27

These were a waste of time. Wish they would so something to allow us to earn materials to ascend the heros we have instead of bringing new stuff would be more interesting. Loosing interest not being able to level cause of material and other that buying them cant get them.

Your other heroes don’t have an alter ego tho…? So why would they be constrained by this?

Go look up some stuff on the “Path of Valor”

Hi guys,

Went to use my Rigard with costume in a war hit and when I tried to swap his costume out it said it was locked due to raid tourney.

This seems somewhat lazy on behalf of the coders making characters costume locked for the length of a tourney.

Please change this and allow flexibility in the costumes in other aspects of the game.



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If he is in your Tourney defense team, it locks so you can’t change your tourney defense during the tourney. That’s intended behavior

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This is why many have levelled multiple rigard and copys of costume.

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I’ve only got one +19 Rigard the other is only 4.70.

But it dictates you using the tourney locked hero as is for wars… not cool.

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The costumes have been like it since release, it just means you have to plan ahead when building the tourney defence so you have flexibility in war and trials. Anyone using elena costume on tourney defence can’t use on today’s trial for example

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Gotta agree i don’t see much of a logic in that “lock the costume” during tournaments…

I mean you can’t change your tournament defense anyway when tournament starts, no matter if you have costume heroes in it or no.

And they are practically limitting people that use costume heroes in tournament defense for a whole week. They can’t use different versions of their heroes (unless they have multiple copies) for events/war because they are simply “locked”. Which is weird because as i said - you can’t change your tournament defense when the tournament starts anyway.

Some people have limitted hero rosters and when you “lock” important for them hero, they might struggle completing some emblem quest or have issues in war, because they don’t need that hero version…

I literally see no reason why they are doing this.

Anyway…i still haven’t experienced that issue but i can see a point in that complaints.


Locks them out of trials to since the class has changed… poor mechanics.

Yep, i have experienced this once with one of the trials.

My most important hero for that trial was “locked” in my tournament defense with costume that turns him into different class hero, so i couldn’t use him in the emblem quest. Fortunately for me i had a proper replacement and had no problem completing the trial. But surely there will be people that won’t have that luck.

I know different cases with people that struggled in wars because they weren’t allowed to use the hero version they needed.

And again, i see no logic in doing that. I have already shared my thoughts Why in my previous comment.

so can staff/game masters say something about this?
is SG working on a fix, so we just wait?
is SG waiting for more outrage/feedback from the community, so we keep spamming in this thread?
or is SG just not planning to do anything about it, so we just have to stop hoping?

This one I thinks…

As far as I am aware, it is working as intended… Whether or not that “intended” behavior is good or bad or even if it makes sense or not I wont comment on.

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Nah, “intended” is a strong word.
SG creates quite a large content with very wide functionality, that is by design very difficult to implement and test thoroughly. After getting feedback they fix the most severe issues, the rest is ignored, as new content development has higher priority.

We are planning to change this in version 28 so that you will be able to change a costume for a Hero even if the Hero is currently in use for a Tournament or War defense team. You still won’t be able to change the costume for the defense team though, when Tournament/War is active.

I’ll mark this a known issue.


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Are you sure? :sweat_smile:

Closing as this is resolved in the V28 update: